Joel Cauchi: Who was Bondi Junction suspect?

Joel Cauchi from Brisbane bio and age
Joel Cauchi from Brisbane


Real Name Joel Cauchi
In Headlines Bondi Junction knifeman
Birthplace Brisbane Australia
Age 40

All about Joel Cauchi, Bondi Junction suspect

The man responsible for the tragic Bondi Junction stabbing incident, where six people lost their lives, has been identified as Joel Cauchi.

Authorities have revealed that Cauchi, a 40-year-old man from Brisbane who reportedly struggled with schizophrenia, relocated to Sydney from Queensland just a month ago.

Law enforcement officials have clarified that there is no indication of Cauchi being associated with any specific ideology, as they are treating the violent attack as a mental health-related issue.

Currently, the police are conducting a search at a ‘very small storage facility’ in Sydney that Cauchi had rented out shortly after his recent move.

Reports suggest that he was homeless and did not have a permanent address.

Cauchi was known to have profiles on various male escort websites, such as Australia Cracker, Empire Escorts, and Escorts Australia.

These websites allow individuals to post their own photos and offer personal sexual services.

In his bio, Cauchi described himself as an ‘athletic good-looking 39-year-old’ based in Sydney who was looking for a ‘fun time’.

He offered dozens of ‘closed door services’ which are too graphic to publish.

Assistant Commissioner Anthony Cooke said detectives have spoken to his family who have been helping police with their investigation.

‘There is still, to this point … no information we have received, no evidence we have recovered, no intelligence that we have gathered that would suggest that this was driven by any particular motivation – ideology or otherwise,’ Assistant Commissioner Cooke told reporters on Sunday.

‘We are continuing to work through the profiling of the offender but very clearly to us at this stage it would appear that this is related to the mental health of the individual involved.’

According to his social media profiles, Cauchi grew up in Toowoomba and claimed he worked as an English tutor.

He was a surfing enthusiast and just last week posted in a Sydney Facebook group asking if anyone would like to meet him for a surf in Bondi.

In an profile for seeking shared accommodation, Cauchi said he was looking for a place to live in Sydney’s western’s suburbs in ‘Liverpool, Blacktown, Pendle Hill or Parramatta’.

‘I love meeting new people and seeing new interesting places!’ he wrote about himself.

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