Eugene Arhin’s Wife Reveals He Has Been Sleeping With , Chantel Kudjawu

Chantel Kudjawu
Chantel Kudjawu

From the suit filed at the Matrimonial Division of the Accra High Court by Gloria Assan Arhin, wife of Eugene, it was alleged that Mr. Arhin has an affair with one Chantel Kudjawu.

According to Gloria ArhinChantel Kudjawu is not the only woman Eugene Arhin has been sleeping with. One lady named Grace has also popped up as one of his mistresses.

Per the section on the particulars of adultery under number 14, section A stated that, “The Respondent has other women in his life with whom he has extramarital affairs, including one Chantel Kudjawu (Getrude Gbajo) whom the Respondent continuous to have extramarital affair with“.

Gloria Arhin revealed that Eugene Arhin once kissed the Grace lady in the presence of their kids.

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Chantelle Kujawu

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