Eugene Arhin’s alleged side chic, Chantel Kudjawu sues his wife, Gloria for defamation

Chantel Kudjawu sues
Chantel Kudjawu sues
  • Chantel Kudjawu sues Gloria Arhin

Chantel Kudjawu one of the ladies mentioned as a mistress of the Director of Communications at the Presidency Eugene Arhin has through her Lawyers written the Lawyers for the wife of Eugene Arhin, Gloria Arhin to retract her allegation and render an apology for same.

She is also proceeding to file defamation charges against Mrs Arhin.

Chantel Kudjawu has denied ever engaging the Director of Communications in any form f relationship and has said that the allegation leveled against her are false and malicious.

“Our client denies that she has ever engaged in the activities alleged by Mrs. Arhin. This defamatory statement has by the 15th February 2021 attracted thousands and thousands of comments, majority of which are negative and judgmental about my client despite the fact that she has not engaged in a sexual manner with Mr. Arhin.

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“Do note that our client is a principled and law-abiding professional, who works as a private investigator in Canada, with three children who does not compromise on the integrity and dignity of her marriage. She also has a Master’s Degree in Political Science from a reputable University in Canada, and holds a Certificate from Harvard University”, the letter signed by Amanda Clinton, said.

It added: “Mrs. Arhin’s defamatory words have meant that our client has been publicly ridiculed, scandalised and held in contempt by countless strangers in an unprecedented manner. This serious, untrue and highly defamatory statement toward our client is malicious falsehood. Furthermore, this defamatory comment has been being communicated to thousands of people throughout the world, posing a serious threat to the reputation of our client”.

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