Collier Gwin: Owner of Foster Gwin Gallery, caught on camera hosing down a homeless woman

Collier Gwin
Collier Gwin

The owner of a San Francisco art gallery, Collier Gwin, has been caught on video hosing down a homeless woman on the sidewalk.

The video was recorded by another business owner nearby and showed Collier Gwin, the owner of art gallery Foster-Gwin Art and Antiques, casually leaning on a railing while hosing down the woman who is sitting on the pavement.

The art gallery owner continues to spray the woman even as she screams.

After a few seconds, he points down the street and shouts at the woman to “move” multiple times. He then asks, “Are you gonna move?”

The video has since had almost nine million views. But despite the widespread backlash, Gwin stuck by his actions.

‘You know, spraying her’s not the solution, but spraying her was something that woke her up, and that calmed her down,’ Gwin said. ‘So am I sorry? I’m only sorry that… my way of helping her countlessly has gotten nothing done.’ 

Collier Gwin

Gwin added that before the incident he had allowed her to stay on the sidewalk for days and attempted to call the police and other government services to get her help.

Local businesses were quick to condemn his actions, while scores of enraged social media users sought revenge by leaving a string of dreadful reviews online – causing the gallery’s rating on Google to plunge to just one star.

His art gallery has been running since 1984 and brought in A-list clients, such as Schwarzenegger, according to SocketSite.

The gallery shares a wall with a restaurant called Barbarossa Lounge, which is where Gwin was seen leaning against a gate in the video.

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