Mekia Cox children: Balancing motherhood and hollywood

Mekia Cox with husband and daughter image form on Google Search Images but captured by @clindbergphoto
Mekia Cox with husband and daughter image form on Google Search Images but captured by @clindbergphoto

Mekia Cox is a talented actress who has graced our screens in shows like “90210,” “Chicago Med,” and currently, “The Rookie.”

However, there is more to Mekia than just her on-screen presence.

She is also a loving wife and a dedicated mother to two lovely daughters.

Now, let’s take a closer look at her personal life and discover how she gracefully balances her thriving career with the joys and responsibilities of being a mother.

Getting married to Britt Leach and starting a family

Mekia found her happily ever after in 2018 when she married basketball analyst Britt Leach.

Their love story blossomed into a beautiful family soon after, as they welcomed their first daughter in December of that same year.

Mekia has chosen to keep her children’s names private, but it’s evident that they hold a special place in her heart.

Family on set: merging motherhood with acting

Mekia had a really cool experience where her real-life pregnancies were shown on TV.

When she was pregnant with her second child in 2022, the writers of “The Rookie” came up with a clever way to include her pregnancy in her character’s story.

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This made it easy for Mekia to balance being a mom and an actress.

She’s really grateful to the writers for being so understanding and flexible.

Welcoming a new addition

In May 2022, Mekia announced the arrival of their second daughter, sharing a heartwarming picture on social media.

Mekia wrote, “I thank your soul for choosing us to be your family. Our new little lady … you are loved.”


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Balancing act: Raising a family in the spotlight

Juggling a busy acting career and motherhood can be quite challenging..

Mekia likely relies on a strong support system, whether it’s her husband, family, or a trusted childcare provider.

She may also film during specific hours or schedule breaks to spend quality time with her daughters.

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