Was Ralph Cirella from The Howard Stern Show Married?

Ralph Cirella
Ralph Cirella

Ralph Cirella, a long time friend of Howard Stern and contributor to his nationally syndicated radio show has died at age 58.

Ralph Cirella died on Tuesday, Stern shared live on the air on Wednesday.

While his professional achievements are well-documented, his personal life, particularly his marital status, has remained somewhat of a mystery to many

Was Ralph Cirella married? This article delves into the available information to shed light on this question and share some personal details about this beloved radio personality.

So, was Ralph Cirella married?

Cirella was very private about his personal life.

He never discussed his family or his relationships on the air. In fact, he rarely spoke about his life outside of The Howard Stern Show.

As a result, there is not much information available about Cirella’s marriage status.

It is possible that he was married at some point in his life, but there is no concrete evidence to support this claim.

Was Ralph Cirella Gay? 

Being a famous makeup artist, Ralph Cirella managed to garner questions about his sexuality and being gay.

However, his past relationships with TV producers, animators, and actors have provided a peek into his sexuality.

Ralph Cirella claimed that he was homosexual by birth, so it was confirmed that he was gay.

Further, he started dating James T. Hanley and later Sam Simon, a co-developer of The Simpsons.

Additionally, Cirella had dated several other men, but no one had revealed their details.

Also, the makeup artist was romantically involved with actresses Sandra Bernhard and Sara Switzer.

This further proves that Cirella falls in the queer spectrum and has bisexual tendencies.

Who was Ralph Cirella?

Cirellas was a stylist and make-up artist in Hollywood who gained recognition as Howard Stern’s stylist and consultant.

Per multiple reports, Cirella, who was born in Connecticut, attended a private school before he began working as a radio host.

He later embarked on a cosmetics and costume profession while also dabbling in acting.

Per his IMBD, his movie credits include films such as ‘Private Parts’ (1997), ‘Alien Space Avenger’ (1989), and ‘Welcome to the Max’ (1993).

Ralph Cirella, who was hired as Howard Stern’s stylist in the late 1980s, began making on-screen appearances in 1990 while working on costumes and special effects.

He then went on to work as a set designer for Howard Stern.

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