Tierra Hall: Obsession and jealousy were the driving forces behind her murder

Tierra Hall
Tierra Hall

See No Evil is investigating the murder of teenager Tierra Hall, who was butchered by her teenage boyfriend, Kelton Breshon Fox, in Durham, North Carolina.

On March 28, 2015, the remains of 18-year-old Tierra Hall were found lying face on the porch of an abandoned house.

She had been brutally stabbed and had injuries to her head, face, and chest.

The scene was covered in blood, suggesting that the victim had been subject to a frenzied attack.

The police uncovered a number of key clues at the crime scene.

There was a cellphone case missing the phone, and in Tierra Hall’s pocket was a hall pass from a local high school, which allowed her to be identified as a student at Jordan High School.

The cops went to the school to check out the surveillance footage which had captured Hall walking through the premises with her boyfriend, Kelton Fox.

The images seemed to suggest the pair were having fun, but things changed when Fox appeared to snatch Hall’s cellphone.

The footage then showed Fox marching away from the school with Hall following him from behind. The pair were headed in the direction of the abandoned house.

Tierra Hall: What we know so far

On Friday, March 27, 2015, Tierra was getting ready for the last day of school before spring break.

Tierra told her mom she loved her, and left for the day.

Tierra never came home that night, but Koteya just thought she was with friends.

The next day, on March 28, the police received a 911 call. A man said he and his girlfriend discovered what they thought was a woman sleeping at an abandoned house on Trotter Ridge.

This house was just 2 miles from Jordan High School.

The police arrived, and knew immediately that the young victim was deceased.

She was a young black female, wearing gray sweatpants, and a t-shirt with Elmo on the front.

The crime scene was described as brutal.

Tierra had been stabbed 14 times, and had injuries to her head, neck, face and chest.

Near the body, was a phone case, and graffiti that read, ‘King K Tha Savage.’

The Motive

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Authorities observed that near Tierra Hall’s body was the inscription: King K Tha Savage.

The writing didn’t make sense to them, but they noted it, hoping it would help identify the killer.

After discovering a hall pass from Jordan High School in Tierra Hall’s pocket, police called the assistant principal, seeking surveillance footage from the school.

The police also studied footage from a home surveillance camera near the murder scene.

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Videotapes from the school’s cameras showed Hall interacting with Kelton Breshon, a male student. The conversation seemed friendly until Breshon snatched Hall’s phone and ran away with it.

Hall followed Breshon, presumably hoping to recover her phone. The pair left school at around 12:25 p.m., with Kelton leading Tierra Hall. Fifteen minutes later, a home camera caught the couple walking towards the Trotter Ridge house.

Kelton and Hall had an on-and-off relationship before she ended it for good because he was ‘too clingy.’ Breshon struggled to move on as he was seemingly obsessed with Hall.

The police found notebooks in which Kelton detailed his obsession with Tierra. Breshon wrote that he couldn’t deal with the idea that Hall had cheated on him. The notebooks also contained murderous thoughts and, crucially, the inscription King K Tha Savage.

Breshon also said via Facebook that King K Tha Savage was one of his nicknames.

He returned to school alone, and with his hands inside his sleeves, he rushed straight into a restroom. Kelton didn’t return to class: he called his mother and left school at around 2:07 p.m.

The Surveillance

On Sunday, March 29, the police canvassed the area near the crime scene.

Several witnesses did say they saw or heard either a suspicious car, or the scream from a female. One witness said they knew that one of the neighbors had surveillance cameras. The homeowner was more than happy to help, and let the police watch their footage.

A black SUV can be seen driving in the area, however, it turned out that the car wasn’t involved.

Around 12:40pm, a male figure was seen walking down the road in the direction of the Trotter Ridge house.

Tierra follows him just a minute or so later.

The police went back to Jordan High School, and were able to find footage of this male student and Tierra interacting. He was tall with dreads, wearing a red long sleeved shirt, and blue pants.

At first, the conversation seemed friendly, until he is seen snatching something from Tierra.

It was believed that he took her cell phone.

The cameras followed him and Tierra walking out of the school, and about 2 miles in the direction of the the Trotter Ridge house.

The male returns to school alone, and walks into the bathroom with his long sleeves pulled over his hands.

The male eventually leaves school with an older female. He was last seen wearing a black jacket and backpack.


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