Who is Julia ReJean Moorhead? Florida Woman arrested for hotel trespassing while drunk and disorderly

Julia ReJean Moorhead
Julia ReJean Moorhead

A body camera footage shows an incident at a West Palm Beach hotel in October 2023.

The video, released this week, depicts guest Julia ReJean Moorhead, 36, arguing with police officers.

Hotel staff contacted authorities after Moorhead reportedly caused a disturbance in the lobby. When officers arrived, they found Moorhead sitting outside the hotel. The footage shows her drinking from a water carton and appearing agitated.

A hotel employee informed the police that Moorhead became disruptive and fell over after staff questioned her about her stay at the hotel.

As the cops approach asking if she has had ‘too much of a good time’, Moorhead immediately goes on the offensive and barks that she doesn’t know why they have been called.

‘Why are you surrounding me, I’ve done nothing wrong,’ she fumes, before storming back into the lobby,

She is quickly pursued by police who tell her she cannot be on the property.

‘Why the f*** are you doing this to me? I need to talk to my boyfriend,’ she whines as cops escort her back outside.

Once there, they inform her she will be considered a trespasser if she tries to get back inside.

‘Why, give me a f***ing reason!’ She demands before continuing to argue with cops, at one point calling one officer ‘stupid’.

‘Who the f**k are you?’ she asks one officer, before threatening to report everyone involved.

Eventually the hotel manager steps in and asks if she can be removed from the property due to the scene she is causing.

But this only infuriates Julia ReJean Moorhead more and she throws herself to the ground to prevent them moving her.

Julia ReJean Moorhead finally gets up and storms across the road shouting profanities, before wheeling around and striking one of the officers.

The rest of the cops then pile on top of her and slap her in cuffs as she wails and protests.

She continues to resist arrest, thrashing around on the floor so hard her skirt rides up exposing her lower half

As police attempt to bundle her into the car, she falls to the floor sobbing again, shouting ‘f**k you’.

The tussle continues as cops continue to try and restrain her as she shouts at them to get off.

Eventually she is bundled towards the car but continues to thrash around like a toddler in a tantrum, making it impossible for cops to load her in.

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