Reesa Teesa husband: Who is Jerome McCoy?

Reesa Teesa husband: Who is Jerome McCoy?

In February 2024, a woman named Reesa Teesa gained the attention of millions of people on TikTok with her video series titled “Who Tf Did I Marry?”

In more than 50 videos, Reesa shared her story of discovering that her ex-husband, whom she called “Legion,” was a compulsive liar.

She revealed that Legion had lied about his financial status, career, and even the number of times he had been married.

Shortly after Reesa’s videos went viral, a TikTok user named Danni (@dannih_19) uncovered the real identity of “Legion.”

His name is Jerome David McCoy.

Who is Jerome McCoy?

Jerome McCoy is the ex- husband of  American Tiktoker, Reesa Teesa.

Reesa said in her videos Jerome was from Philadelphia.

Reesa Teesa shared in her videos that she met her ex-husband online in March 2020, just before the COVID-19 lockdowns took place.

Initially, Reesa believed that Jerome, whom she refers to as “Legion” in her videos, worked as a regional manager for a condiment company.

She also mentioned that he was promoted to the position of Vice President during their relationship.

Additionally, Jerome claimed to have a background in Arena football and had earned money from his time playing.

As their relationship progressed, Reesa became pregnant shortly after they started quarantining together.

Unfortunately, she later experienced a miscarriage. Reesa and Jerome began searching for a house together, which marked the beginning of their troubles.

Jerome McCoy reacts to the allegations

After TikTok user Danni (@danni_19) revealed on her account that, through her investigative reporting, she found Legion.

Jerome verified his identity as the man behind the Facebook account by posting his own TikTok video in response to Reesa.

In a TikTok clip, Jerome refuted Reesa’s claims in her “Who TF did I marry” series, alleging that she was dishonest about everything and withholding the true reason for their breakup.

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