Lyndell Mays mother, Teneal Burnside: Mays family set up GoFundMe even though he’s accused of murder

Lyndell Mays mother, Teneal Burnside
Lyndell Mays mother, Teneal Burnside

Teneal Burnside has been identified as the mother of Lyndell Mays, the suspect charged with murder over the Kansas City Super Bowl parade shooting.

Teneal Burnside set up a GoFundMe for her alleged killer son Lyndell Mays, 23, complete with a photo of him seriously-ill in his hospital bed.

He was among those shot at the celebration on February 14 – and was blasted nine times.

Prosecutors now say Mays was one of the two men to blame for the horrific bloodbath, although his unnamed sister insists he was just trying to protect her.

Pleading for cash, Burnside said Mays was going through a ‘tragic time’, adding: ‘He is in ICU fighting for a recovery from several surgeries, from going to the Chiefs’ Super Bowl celebration parade with his older sister.

‘Getting shot multiple times at a time that was ment (sic) to bring so much joy to many has bought (sic) pain and sadness to all that was attending.’

On Tuesday, Mays was charged with second-degree murder over last week’s shooting which killed DJ Lisa Lopez-Galvan.

The fundraiser collected $100 before being taken down.

Mays remains in a stable condition in hospital and is being held under armed guard, with bail set at $1m.

Prosecutors say the other man charged, 18 year-old Dominic Miller, was the one who fired the fatal shot.

They’ve charged Mays over claims he pulled his gun first during an argument which turned deadly and that he too fired shots during the ensuing carnage, which prosecutors say injured 25.

Those allegations were refuted by his sister, who told that Mays was ‘innocent’ and ‘protecting her.’

The sibling, who asked to remain anonymous, said: ‘For them to make my brother out to be a monster, it really hurts me inside because he was only trying to protect us.

‘He doesn’t deserve to be thrown in it like that. My brother is tall and broad, he’s hefty. They were young kids and little guys, trying to prove a point.

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