NSS Allowance: Eligibility, Pay, How to check, Increment 2021

NSS Allowance
NSS Allowance

This article explains everything you need to know about NSS allowances, how to check, eligibility, and increments for 2021.

Are you planning on serving a year in the National Service after graduation from an accredited college or university? 

Although it is a legal requirement, the National Service Secretariat (NSS) has developed progressive laws that make it worthwhile to serve one year. 

Some of the rules governing NSS allowance payments are vague, therefore it is difficult to forecast future increases. 

The minimum allowance has been gradually raised by the Ministry of Finance over recent years.

Ghana National Service allowance eligibility 

You are automatically entitled to the NSS remittance if you have been selected for the Ghana National Service. 

It is however imperative that you report to duty and be present at work in order to be eligible for payment. 

If, for instance, you have delayed reporting to duty because of a personal issue, you may miss the allowance, even if you have notified the secretariat.

NSS allowance payment lasts for one year. 

The NSS allowance as of 2021 

NSS Allowance

NSS has been paying you GH559,04 every month since 2017. 

The amount was increased from GH¢350.00

Each member earns GH6,700 at the end of the service. 

Similarly to other Ghanaian constitutional bodies, deductions are made. 

To support the NASPA (National Service Personnel Association) week celebrations, the NSS deducts GH15 from the gross income.

It is part of the association’s constitution, although many have viewed it as a hidden charge. 

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NASPA membership is not optional, therefore members cannot opt out. 

NSS allowance increment 2020/2021 

The NSS has not announced any official increase in basic allowances in 2020/2021, as many reports claim. 

In the past, when the NSS increased the basic allowance, such as in 2017, a press release was issued. 

Many NSS members have begun campaigning for the allocation to be reconsidered. 

In support of the increments, it is argued that the 2017 figures don’t reflect the financial realities of 2021, especially for thousands of service members. 

How to check NSS allowance

Every month, the service sends the allowance.

 You can check your share status at the NSS portal only if you have already received it.

 First, you must open an account with them.

To check the NSS dashboard allowance: 

  • Go to the portal. 
  • Put your Email and password. 
  • Click “Sign In”. 
  • Once you have signed in, navigate to the “NSS Dashboard.” 
  • Click the “Allawa” option. 

Once you have opted for the “Allawa” option, you can check all the financial details, such as the available allowance. 

There may be additional details, e.g., deductions. There may be situations where the secretariat does not send the payments on schedule. 

A message such as ‘Processing’ will appear if the funds are to be released soon. 

The best thing to do is to ask your fellow service personnel if they received the same message on their dashboard to ensure that the delay affects everyone. 

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