Judge Aileen Cannon husband is Josh Lorence & they have 2 children together – Facts you need to know

Judge Aileen Cannon husband is Josh Lorence
Judge Aileen Cannon husband is Josh Lorence

Aileen Mercedes Cannon, born in 1981, is a highly accomplished American lawyer who currently serves as a United States district judge of the United States District Court for the Southern District of Florida.

With an impressive background in corporate law and federal prosecution, Judge Cannon brings a wealth of experience and expertise to her role on the bench.

She was nominated by President Donald Trump to become a district judge and was confirmed by the U.S. Senate in November 2020.

Before assuming her position as a federal judge, Aileen Cannon worked at the prestigious corporate law firm Gibson Dunn from 2009 to 2012.

During her time there, she honed her legal skills and gained valuable insights into the complexities of corporate law, solidifying her reputation as a capable and astute attorney.

Outside the legal realm, Judge Aileen Cannon is married to husband, Josh Lorence.

Here is what we know

Who is Judge Aileen Cannon husband, Josh Lorence?

Judge Aileen Cannon husband is Josh Lorence
Judge Aileen Cannon husband is Josh Lorence

Beyond her remarkable professional accomplishments, Aileen Cannon is also devoted to her personal life.

She is married to Josh Lorence, her loving and supportive husband.

Their union began on June 7, 2008, when Aileen was 28 years old.

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At that time, Josh worked as a restaurant manager, and their lives intersected during a memorable vacation in Athens.

During their vacation, Josh proposed;

“On the first day of their trip, he found a scenic point overlooking the ancient ruins and asked Aileen to marry him,” the article says. “The only glitch? He got a little distracted when a huge turtle walked by in the middle of the proposal. He literally stopped and said, ‘Look, the turtle!’ says Aileen, who couldn’t help but laugh before giving Josh a big Yes!””

Lorence is now an executive at Bobby’s Burger Palace, a chain founded by celebrity chef Bobby Flay, according to a LinkedIn profile recently removed.

He and Cannon both gave $100 to then-congressman Ron DeSantis’ campaign for governor in 2018.

How many children does Aileen Cannon and Josh Lorence have?

Aileen Cannon and Josh Lorence are proud parents to at least two children.

She mentioned her second pregnancy in her application to serve as federal judge, and was on maternity leave in October 2015, she wrote.

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