MTN Ghana Shortcodes: Data, Calls, Mobile Money

MTN Ghana Shortcodes
MTN Ghana Shortcodes

MTN Ghana shortcodes make it easy to access services on their network service, including customer service, data bundle and airtime top-ups. 

Customers of the giant telecom company would no longer have to cope with remembering lengthy procedures of performing specific activities as a result of this innovation. 

Ghana’s telecommunications industry continues to make efforts to serve its customers, as most other countries do. 

There are a few mobile service providers in Ghana, but MTN Ghana ranks among the best. 

As one of the best service providers in the country, the company’s success is due to the enormous amount of effort it puts into meeting customers’ needs. 

The company offers a variety of packages tailored to meet the needs of customers. 

Customers can benefit from MTN voice packages like MTN Mashup and Super Saver bundles by paying less and receiving more calling credits and data bundles. 

Customer subscriptions are required before the platform adds them to offers. 

MTN Ghana shortcodes

MTN Ghana Shortcodes
MTN Ghana Shortcodes

The creation of MTN shortcodes has made phone operations for all users easier.

There are no cumbersome steps involved in accessing specific services offered by the telecoms provider.

Here are all the MTN codes that users need to know when using the service.

MTN Ghana Shortcodes For All Services In Ghana 2021

Shortcode Description
*134*PIN# Recharge Airtime
List / De-activate all MTN Services
MTN Free After 1 (MTN Nkomode) *315#
MTN Free Call 6 months Offer *550# (New Subscribers)
*455# Accurate weather forecast (8p/SMS)
*124# Balance enquiry. Check your credit balance.
*140# Blackberry Plans
100 Call Center
**67*02XXXXXXXX*11# Call Divert when busy
**61*02XXXXXXXX*11# Call Divert when no answer
**62*02XXXXXXXX*11# Call Divert when Unreachable
1355 Caller Tunez
*156# Check your MTN mobile number
##21# Deactivate Call Divert
**21*02XXXXXXXX*11# Divert all Calls
*511# Generate Mobile Money ATM token
*300*20# Get cool jokes
MOVIES to 1412 Get Silverbird movie schedule
*138*3# IDD Package
*138# Internet Bundles, SMS bundles
*138*1*1# Internet daily bundle. From 20MB – 350MB
*138*1*3# Internet monthly bundle. From 300MB – 10GB
*138*1*5# Internet social bundle. For Accessing Twitter, Facebook and WhatsApp only.
*138*1*4# Internet unlimited bundle
*138*1*2# Internet weekly bundle. From 25MB – 500MB
30037 MTN Farm Direct. Access the best farming tips.
*5055# MTN Jara
*567*4# MTN Mashup Balance
*170# MTN mobile money access code and portal
154[0244000000] MTN pay for me. Dial 154 followed by number without space. This will make the recipient of the call pay for the call.
*567# MTN Pulse
1303 MTN Radio
PORT to 600 Number portability to other networks
024xxxxxxx 1 to 1399 Please call me service. Send a message with 024x xxx xxx 1 to 1399.
1515 Report Mobile Money fraud. Send a text message to 1515 from your phone with the name of the merchant and date of the incident.
02xxxxxxxx Simbox to 419 Report SIM-Box fraud
*585# Request internet settings. Send a blank text message (SMS) to 585 from your MTN. Save the settings you received, to your phone. Select MTN DATA as default access point.
*1390# Reserve your number for 2 years
*198# Share credit with friends and family
*138*4# Super saver bundles
*506# To borrow Some Credit
*585# To check 4G device compatibility
*595# To exempt (or include) yourself from mobile money interest payments to your account.
*400# To know if your number is registered
*144*number to recharge for*voucher number# To recharge airtime for someone
<amount to share/Transfer><leave a space><enter the number><leave space><Type 4 digit pin> TO 1329 To share credits dial *198# reply with 2 and follow the prompts. Just go to messages. Then type in <amount to share/Transfer><leave a space><enter the number><leave space><Type 4 digit pin> and send to 1329.
Send STOP to 1355 Unsubscribe caller Tunez
109 Voicemail receiving
108 Voicemail sending
*1552# WeChat monthly data bundle
*138*16# YouTube bundle. For streaming videos on youtube.
<register><4-digit pin number> send to 1329 Register MTN Me2U to Share Credit with Family and Friends
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How to get free credit and transfer MTN data bundle

 MTN provides a free credit code to a customer based on how long they have been using this service. 

Users are likely to receive more credit for staying on the network for a longer duration. 

The amount of airtime they use frequently can also qualify them for free credit. 

MTN collects points for every call, SMS and web browse that its customers make, which can then be redeemed for free services. 

What is the MTN Ghana shortcode for free credit? 

MTN points can be redeemed for airtime, mobile phones, and even modems by typing *482#.

MTN pay for me code 

In some cases, high network tariffs may prevent customers from having their accounts refilled, leaving them unable to use the phone. 

Customers can borrow airtime to use during such times, which the provider will refund after a certain period. 

Dial *506# to borrow credit from MTN Ghana. 

In the event that the customer doesn’t want to pay for the call, there is an option called “pay me for it.” 

In this scenario, a customer will place a call, but the call’s recipient will be responsible for the charge. 

To use this code, enter 154 (the recipient’s phone number). Type all the numbers together without spacing.

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