Mirtha Jung is George Jung’s Ex-Wife – Where is she now?

Mirtha Jung is George Jung's Ex-Wife
Mirtha Jung is George Jung Ex-Wife

It’s often said that you either get famous or fame comes to you and such is the case with Mirtha Jung.

Mirtha Jung rose to fame after her marriage to former drug lord George Jung.

She was born Mirtha Calderon in the United States, an American but with Cuban roots.

Mirtha had long been involved in using hard drugs since she was a youngster and continued even after she met George Jung, a drug smuggler back then.

It is reported that the couple met during drug contacts in Colombia, and decided to settle down after a few years on March 22, 1977.

The couple had their best years and were thriving even at the arrival of their baby girl, Kristina Sunshine on August 1, 1978, but Mirtha and George’s lifestyle of drug dealing and addiction wouldn’t allow them to have a happily ever after.

After having to endure various problems resulting from substance abuse, the couple decided to divorce in 1984.

Profile summary of Mirtha Jung

Full Name Mirtha Calderon
Birth Date December 3, 1952
Age 70
Famous As Ex-Wife of George Jung
Marital Status Divorced
Husband George Jung (m. 1977-1984)
Married in 1977
Children Kristina Sunshine Jung

Mirtha Jung: Career

Mirtha joined the Medellin Cartel, run by her husband, and was actively involved in smuggling drugs from Colombia to the United States for many years.

She would do this by transporting hard drugs in suitcases on flights.

She was however caught and imprisoned after 8 years in the drug trafficking business.

Upon her release, Mirtha Jung decided to change from her criminal ways and established a stable career as a businesswoman, prolific writer, and poet.

Mirtha Jung: Children

Kristina Sunshine Jung
Kristina Sunshine Jung

Mirtha Jung has only one child, Kristina Sunshine Jung.

However, Mirtha was unable to raise her daughter and she was raised by her grandparents and aunt.

Kristina Sunshine Jung is now a poet, actress, and businesswoman with a clothing line to her name.

Mirtha Jung: Net Worth

It is estimated that Mirtha Jung has a net worth of $150,000 presently.

It’s important to know that Mirtha’s earnings are not from any divorce settlements as George lost a huge amount of his fortune after being arrested in 1972.

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