Kirby Yates wife, Ashlee Rowe & children – Facts we know

Kirby Yates wife, Ashlee Rowe
Kirby Yates wife, Ashlee Rowe

Kirby Kali Yates is an American professional baseball pitcher for the Atlanta Braves of Major League Baseball (MLB).

He made his MLB debut in 2014, and was an All-Star in 2019, when he led the National League in saves.

Yates signed a two-year, $8.25 million contract with the Atlanta Braves.

Throughout the majority of his success as a professional, he has had wife Ashlee Rowe , by his side.

This article has further information about her.

Who is Kirby Yates wife, Ashlee Rowe?


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Ashlee Rowe is a professional baby sitter and the wife of MLB player, Kirby Yates.

She owns a business that places sitters with professional athlete families, Homerun Sitters LLC.

Rowe has built a solid base, with a staff of three dozen babysitters working throughout Florida and Arizona now and partnerships with agencies in California and New York to provide service there, mostly for baseball families.

Rowe worked previously as a nanny, teacher and volleyball coach.

Kirby Yates & Ashlee Rowe relationship

Kirby Yates wife, Ashlee Rowe
Kirby Yates wife, Ashlee Rowe

Yates and Ashlee tied the knot on January 2, 2016.

She and Yates, who met in college and have been together for 15 years.

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Currently, they are blessed with 2 children.

Ashlee Rowe diagnosed with epilepsy

Shortly after giving birth to her second child in July of 2018, Ashlee Yates,  experienced a seizure one night in bed.

Her husband, Kirby Yates, at first thought she was having a dream.

It turned out she was having an epileptic episode.

There was no history of epilepsy in her family, and she still hasn’t identified a cause.

“I knew following the birth of my daughter in July 2017 that something was ‘off,’ but had no idea epilepsy would be the diagnosis a year later. My initial reaction was fear. Was it something I could pass on to my kids?” she says.

The diagnosis greatly impacted her life — she couldn’t drive, bathe her kids or do simple tasks made too dangerous by risk of seizure.

Ashlee’s seizures are under control with medication now, allowing her to resume driving and normal activities.

She is grateful to Epilepsy Foundation support groups, resources and education which sped her learning curve on the disorder and connected her with others dealing with it.

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