J Nicholas Bryant: What we know about the 26 year old Texas man who scammed victims out of $1.5 million.

J Nicholas Bryant Texas
J Nicholas Bryant

A Texas man identified as J Nicholas Bryant is in the news for stealing an estimated $1.5million and swindled at least 50 people in the elaborate scheme that involved booking goods and services and then sending fake payments through online payment platforms.

Bryant, who faces 20 years in jail, defrauded unsuspecting victims by booking luxury goods and services and then manipulating online payment platforms like QuickBooks and Veem to make it appear the payments were coming, according to prosecutors.

He used his cash windfall to bankroll a high life that included at least 17 private jet flights, high-end hotels visits, pricey steak dinners, yacht trips and the purchase of five luxury cars worth $500,000, the feds said.

Bryant also conned a developer to start building a home with a pool and workshop worth $980,000 — but never paid.

Bryant got arrested in March 2020 on similar state charges in Texas and was eventually released on bail on a $150,000 bond.

But that did not stop him from continuing the scheme.

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He said that he used the lavish getaways to escape the realities of what he had been doing.

‘I was living life,’ he said.

‘I was spending 50, 70, $100,000 dollars a day at the peak. I was so far deep into it it didn’t really matter.’

Eventually, however, prosecutors say Bryant’s scheme came crashing down after one private jet trip to Miami on November 18, 2021.

Who is J Nicholas Bryant?

J Nicholas Bryant
J Nicholas Bryant

J Nicholas Bryant is a 26 year old Texas man who posed as an oil baron’s son to hire 17 private jets, rent $30,000-a-night luxury homes and buy five cars.

Bryant was originally from a small city dependent on the oil industry.

According to The Daily Beast, he was popular but always seemed to be in trouble.

In  2020, just before the pandemic struck, his social media posts took a content pivot to make it appear like he had struck gold.

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