Elia Leo Censori: Bio, age, nationality & more Bianca Censori father

Elia Leo Censori: Bio, age, nationality & more Bianca Censori father
Elia Leo Censori: Bianca Censori father
Quick Info
Real Name Elia Leo Censori
Known as Bianca Censori father
Age 69 years old
Nationality Australia

All about Elia Leo Censori

Elia Leo Censori, born in 1955 and currently 69 years old, is an Australian man who is known as the father of Bianca Censori, an Australian architect and the wife of American rapper Kanye West.

Leo is married to Alexandra Censori and together they have three children.

According to, Bianca and her two sisters were raised in Ivanhoe, a well-established and affluent area in Melbourne.

They later moved to a $2.8M home in Alphington, where Leo and Alexandra still reside.

According to an article on, Bianca and her two sisters grew up in Ivanhoe, a prestigious area in Melbourne.

Later on, they moved to a beautiful $2.8 million home in Alphington, where their parents, Alexandra and Leo, still reside.

Elia Leo Censori happens to be the brother of a well-known Australian gangster named Eris Censori.

Eris was initially sentenced to death in 1982 for the murder of a man named Michael Sideris in Perth, Australia.

However, his sentence was later changed to life imprisonment. Eris has earned the nickname “Melbourne’s Al Capone.”

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Leo has also had his fair share of trouble with the law. According to the Daily Mail, he was convicted of heroin possession in 1982 and received a five-year prison sentence, with a minimum of three years.

Additionally, Leo has been convicted of possessing a pistol and ammunition.

Leo’s ex-wife, Faye Glascott, revealed to the Herald Sun that Leo was once involved in a gambling cartel.

Elia Leo Censori wife: Alexandra Censori

Alexandra Censori, the wife of Elia Leo Censori and mother of Bianca Censori, resides in Alphington, Melbourne, Australia, along with her husband and their two other daughters, Angelina Censori and Alyssia Censori.

Although there have been reports of Alexandra’s concerns about Bianca’s marriage, a source told the publication that she was still happy for her daughter.

“Bianca’s mother Alexandra also had plenty of people who told her that she shouldn’t marry Leo back in the day because of his reputation and, luckily, she didn’t listen,” the insider said before adding of both parents, “They know that Bianca does love this man and, in the end, that is what is most important to the both of them.”

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