Daton Viel Florida: What we know about suspect who shot 2 Orlando officers

Daton Viel Florida
Daton Viel Florida

Court documents revealed new information showing just how close police came to catching Daton Viel in June before he shot two Orlando police officers over the weekend.

Viel, 28, is accused of shooting two Orlando police officers this weekend during a traffic stop.

Police stopped Viel because he was in a car that was connected to a murder case in Miami.

Viel was also awaiting trial, accused of raping a young girl at Trotter’s Park in Orlando.

According to court records, the girl was walking to school last December when he offered her a ride to class.

Documents show he took the minor to the park and had sexual intercourse with her against her will before driving her to the school in a red Ford Fusion.

It was the same model car that police in Miami were looking for in the recent homicide case.

He was on probation for several other crimes at the time of that arrest. He was released from jail on a $125,250 bond.

According to court documents, he had a GPS monitor that he cut off, and a warrant for his arrest was issued.

Documents show on June 30, UCF Police spotted the red car with a stolen license plate on campus and identified Viel as the driver.

The UCF police officer discovered that Viel had a warrant out for his arrest and attempted to arrest him. Viel started running and the police officer went after him but slipped into the wet grass and he got away.

Ultimately Viel was able to get back in his car and speed away.

Viel was then spotted again on Friday when he was accused of shooting the two Orlando police officers.

On Saturday morning, officers found the Viel at the Holiday Inn at Caravan Court at 6 a.m. and evacuated the hotel. Viel barricaded himself in the room and shot at the SWAT officers multiple times around 6:58 a.m. He was shot by officers multiple times and died.

The officers who were initially shot are recovering in the hospital.

Datin Viel most recently arrested for allegedly sexually assaulting a minor

According to an arrest affidavit from the Orlando Police Department, Viel was arrested on March 27 on charges of sexual battery of a person between 12 and 18 years old, lewd/lascivious molestation and lewd/lascivious behavior and exhibition of a minor.

Daton Viel also arrested on other drug, assault, trespassing and burglary charges

Here’s a look at Viel’s criminal history, according to arrest records:

  • May 2016: Battery
  • May 2016: Battery
  • June 2016: Robbery
  • June 2016: Grand theft third degree motor vehicle
  • June 2016: Aggravated stalking (dating violence)
  • June 2016: Battery (dating violence)
  • July 2016: Assault
  • July 2016: Trespassing
  • July 2016: Burglary of dwelling
  • July 2016: Assault (dating violence)
  • July 2016: Violation of pretrial release on domestic violence case
  • July 2016: Attempted burglary of occupied conveyance
  • February 2018: Possession of marijuana (20 grams or less)
  • March 2018: Possession of marijuana (20 grams or less)
  • April 2018: Driving with license revoked or suspended
  • December 2019: Burglary and trespassing of a construction site
  • December 2019: Burglary/breaking and entering
  • December 2019: Vandalism
  • December 2020: Simple battery
  • December 2020: Arson
  • December 2020: Aggravated assault
  • March 2023: Sexual battery
  • March 2023: Lewd or lascivious molestation of victim 12 years old or older, younger than 16
  • March 2023: Lews/lasvicous exhibition by person older than 17 years old

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