All about Zachariah Branch parents: Renee (Mother) and Sheva Branch (Father)

Zachariah Branch parents
Zachariah Branch parents

Before Zachariah Branch was listed as one of the top players in the 2023 college football recruiting class, he was a little boy growing up in Las Vegas with his parents, Renee and Sheva Branch, encouraging him to follow his passion for the sport.

Football talent runs in the Branch family: Zachariah’s father, Sheva, is a former NFL player himself.

His great uncle is the late Cliff Branch, the legendary receiver who played at Colorado and then 15 years with the Oakland/Los Angeles Raiders (where he won 3 Super Bowls and made 4 Pro Bowls).

Let’s take a look at who Zachariah Branch parents are.

Who are Zachariah Branch Parents?

Renee and Sheva Branch
Renee and Sheva Branch with their children

Zachariah Branch was born on March 29, 2004 in Las Vegas to parents Renee Branch (Mother) and Sheva Branch (Father).

Who is Zachariah Branch father, Sheva Branch?

As mentioned above, Zachariah Branch’s father, Sheva Branch was a former NFL player who formerly played fullback for San Jose State.

He is also a speed, strength and agility coach and usually trains his son Zion and Zachariah.

We have no information about his educational background, but we will surely update this article should we find something worthy.

 Who is Zachariah Branch mother, Renee Branch?

Renee Branch (20th November 1972) is the mother of Zion and Zachariah Branch.

Currently, she is 50 years old but will be 51 years on 20th November 2023.

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There is also nothing about the schools she attended, but we will dully update this article should we find something worth the while.

The Branch brothers

The Branch brothers with their parents
The Branch brothers with their parents

Zachariah has an elder brother named, Zion Branch.

The Branch brothers participated in soccer, basketball, track and field and gymnastics during childhoods that weren’t long for idle time.

Zachariah began by playing flag football alongside Zion on a team coached by their father, graduating to tackle by the age of 8 and beginning track a year or two later.

He won his first 100-meter dash, promptly realizing that his speed was best suited to “make people miss” on the football field.

With Zion 17 months his senior, Zachariah always had a companion at their father’s workouts and an adversary to sharpen his competitive drive.

To prepare for high school, Branch and his brother elected to home-school in junior high — creating additional time to train as they began to blossom. They’d arrive at a local EoS Fitness by 6 a.m. and work out for a couple hours before returning home to participate in their online curriculum.

Evenings were filled with additional workouts and football or track practice depending on the season.

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