Xander Hastings: All You Need To Know About The ‘Survivor’ Season 41 Contestant Including His Age, Career, Net Worth, And Profile

Xander Hastings
Xander Hastings

Xander Hastings is a 21 year old software developer who has become a household name after competing in CBS’s reality show Survivor season 41. has taken the time to dig into Xander Hastings biography in order to give you an in depth look at his age, career and everything you need to know about him.

Real Name Alexander Hastings
Birth Date 11 August 2000
Age (as of 2021) 21 Years
Birth Place Jacksonville, Florida, U.S.
Nationality American
Profession App Developer
Religion Christianity
Sun sign Leo

Date of Birth/ Age

Originally from Jacksonville, Florida, Hastings is 21 years old (as of 2021). 


In 2019, Xander graduated from high school and is now a student at the University of Chicago. 

A double major in Economics and Computer Science with a goal of graduating in 2023 is what he intends to achieve.

On top of his academic commitments, Xander is a member of the University of Chicago’s Cross Country and Track & Field teams. 

While he was in high school, Xander was a member of both of these teams, as well as also participating in other activities such as Student Government and Model UN. 

For his high school cross country team, he represented the school at the Nike Cross Nationals, which he describes as “the Super Bowl of cross country.” His team finished 10th place.

Xander Hastings Career

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In the bio Xander provides for the CBS website, he describes himself as an “App Creator.” 

Based on information he found on his LinkedIn profile, he “established a company for developing apps and is currently in the process of developing his first release.” 

During the summer of 2018, Xander also interned at Cortland, a real estate development company in Shanghai, China. 

In another country, he looked into factories that may provide low-cost materials for sustainable and affordable housing. 

His HTML skills were temporarily put to use for record-keeping and organization at this internship.

Survivor Season 41

Xander understands that he is perceived as a hollow-headed tool on the surface, but he is much more than that. 

He admits that he enjoys trying to learn more, and that he could talk for hours about anything, from “the genius of Richard Serra’s commission for the NYC IRS building” to “Kepler’s 3rd rule” to “how Mandarin promotes creativity in the mind.”

Xander revealed to Parade, “I grew up being the nerdy guy, the fat person.” “It fascinates me when people tell me they believe I’m some sort of knucklehead. I want to be someone who is young and is assumed to be naive and inexperienced because of all the stereotypes that come with being young. “Youth may serve as my camouflage.” Survivor, Xander Hastings should be in the driver’s seat. 

After all, he not only has an additional vote but also an immunity idol in his pocket. 


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Although Xander discovered his idol weeks earlier, it wasn’t activated until the episode aired on Oct. 26 when a member of each of the other two tribes discovered hidden idols in their camps as well.

Personal Life

Aside from the fact that Xander is currently single, there is no information pertaining to his past relationships and affairs. 

At the moment, Xander is concentrating on his career, but possibly at some point he will have a relationship or affair.

Social Media 

Hastings’ Instagram account is also filled with images from his trips to national parks and other places.

His account is on Instagram is @xander hastings 

Aside from his 34.9k followers, Xander has 89 posts.

He describes himself in his bio as an aficionado of butterflies and a movie character.

Xander Hastings Net Worth

He has a net worth of $100,000 and is a software developer. In Chicago, Illinois, app developers typically earn between $65,000 and $111,000. 

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