Troy Dendekker: Biography, age, husband, net worth, children

Troy Dendekker
Troy Dendekker

A couple of things put you up for discussion in the media for a long time. One of such is when you lose your celebrity husband a few days after your marriage to a drug overdose.

That is the life of Troy Dendekker, a woman who has since the passing of her husband, singer Bradley Nowell, dedicated time to drug activism.

We’ll get to know her in this article.


Troy Dendekker is an American musician and drug activist.

She was married to the late Bradley Nowell, a singer and lead guitarist with the band Sublime.

Her fame is attributed to her marriage with her former husband.

She was born to David and Robert Newton on March 8th 1971.

She tried to remarry after the death of her husband and did so till 2018 when she got divorced.

News surrounding her divorce is not yet known. In 2022, news circulated that she got involved with Kiki Holmes.


Troy was born on March 8th, 1971, making her 51 years of age.


Troy Dendekker And Bradley Nowell
Troy Dendekker And Bradley Nowell

As stated earlier, she rose to fame after she married her late husband Bradley Nowell. Bradley was the lead singer and guitarist for the band Sublime.

They dated for a long time before they tied the knot in 1996 in Las Vegas. 

Before they got married, they had a son together.

Bradley had a problem he was battling with- drug addiction.

Seven days after his marriage to Troy, he was found dead in a hotel in San Francisco while on tour with his band Sublime.

It was confirmed that he died of heroin overdose. 

Troy has been very open about her relationship with her late husband.

On most of her active social media pages, she frequently posts pictures of her former lover.

She has said in interviews that she misses her late husband and would have stopped him if she knew he was going to get overdosed that faithful day.

After Bradley, Troy has been in other relationships and has three other children from a previous relationship which ended in 2018 due to misunderstandings.

She has been involved with Kiki Holmes but still posts her husband Bradley Nowell on her social media pages.

Net worth

An exact estimate of her wealth isn’t available to the public. 

We however can say it’s around 1 million dollars considering she got an inheritance from her late husband.


Troy And Her Son, Jakob Nowell
Troy And Her Son, Jakob Nowell

Troy Dendekker in 1995 had a son with her late husband Bradley Nowell before their wedding in 1996.

He is named James Nowell and is a singer just like his late dad.

He, together with his mum is an active drug activist who campaigns against the use of hard drugs.

Troy had other children in a relationship after Bradley’s death. It produced 3 other kids. 

Overall, she is a mother of 4 kids.

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