Kristen Sapienza: Biography, age, husband and other facts about Tim Ream’s wife

Kristen Sapienza: Tim Ream wife
Kristen Sapienza: Tim Ream wife

Celebrity couples are interesting figures to discuss. There’s quite a lot to out there to talk about, except they choose to stay very private.

Today we discuss Kristen Sapienza, the wife of American footballer Tim Ream.

The two are childhood sweethearts and have been married since 2012.

Who is Kristen Sapienza?

Kristen Sapienza is the wife of American footballer, Tim Ream.

She doesn’t seem to have a lot of information about her for public consumption.

Her date of birth, family background, siblings, etc is not known. 

We can assume that she attended St. Louis University, since it’s on record that she played for the Women’s Soccer team of St. Louis University.

She got married to her husband and childhood sweetheart, Tim Ream in 2012.


We can’t tell exactly what her date of birth is, since there’s very little information about that aspect of her life out there.

However, she is around the same age as her husband who is 33 years old.




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Tim Ream is an American professional footballer who plays his football for Fulham in the English Premier League and his international football for team USA.

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He plays as a full center back.

 Before joining Fulham In 2015, he played for Bolton Wanderers for 3 years, also in the English league. 

He was born in 1987 in St. Louis, Missori and started playing football when he was in high school.

Professionally, he started playing football for New York Red Bulls in 2010.

Interesting Facts about Kristen Sapienza

Kristen Sapienza has 3 kids with her husband, Tim Ream
Kristen Sapienza has 3 kids with her husband, Tim Ream

Kristen Sapienza has 3 kids with her husband, Tim Ream.

The two welcomed their children Aiden, Theodore and Lilly Ryan Ream in 2018. 

She has been described by her husband Tim as his number fan and critic.

According to Tim, Kristen doesn’t fail to praise him when necessary, as well as criticize him should the need arise.

This makes their love story beautiful and precious to them.

24 hours after their marriage in 2012, Tim cancelled their scheduled honeymoon to Tahiti in order to make it to a contract signing at Bolton Wanderers.

This might cause huge marital disputes in certain marriages but not that of Kristen’s.

She was totally supportive since she has also been a professional footballer at some point and therefore understood her husband’s decision.

Tim Ream Credits Family For Achieving World Cup Dream

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