Darcy Myers: Biography, age, and other facts about Antonee Robinson’s girlfriend

Darcy Myers: Antonee Robinson girlfriend
Darcy Myers: Antonee Robinson girlfriend

Team USA is at the World Cup in Qatar again. They mostly come in as underdogs but thanks to the evolution of football and the exposure of footballers on the global stage, they have some interesting names we can look out for when it comes to performance.

We won’t be discussing the footballers in this article. We are looking at their fiancés, and one that strikes as a worthy topic for discussion is Darcy Myers, girlfriend of Antonee Robinson.

Let’s take a look at the gorgeous damsel and girlfriend of Antonee Robinson

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Who is Darcy Myers?

Darcy Myers is the girlfriend of American footballer Antonee Robinson.

Surprisingly, a lot – such as her exact date of birth, siblings, parents, school, etc –is unknown.

What we can confidently say is she has been with the American footballer for 3 years.


According to reports, Darcy Myers is twenty seven (27) years of age- we therefore estimate she was born in 1995.



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Antonee Robinson is the boyfriend of Darcy Myers.

The two have been engaged for 3 years, even though they’ve been lovebirds for a very long time.

He is a fast rising American soccer player who plays his professional football for Fulham in the English Championship.

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He also features on the international stage for his team USA and plays as a left back.

He was born in 1997 in England.

He is originally a British by birth but gained dual citizenship since his dad is from USA. 

He has an estimated net worth of 2 million dollars.

He rakes in an annual wage of 832 thousand pounds.

He assumedly has a sponsorship deal with Nike football and from all indications, seem to be making good money from the deal. 

Other interesting facts about Antonee Robinson’s girlfriend

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Darcy Myers got engaged to her fiancé, Antonne Robinson three years ago.

They have been quite discreet about their relationship till their engagement some 3 years ago which was made on social media.

Darcy Myers has a daughter with his fiancé, Antonee Robinson.

Their daughter, Atlas was born to them two years after their engagement. Her images has not been posted yet.

Darcy is known to love travel.

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