Tricia ElAttrache, Neal ElAttrache Wife: Married life and other facts about her

Neal ElAttrache
Neal ElAttrache

Get to know the renowned physician Neal ElAttrache wife, Tricia ElAttrache, and their marital life details in today’s article.

Dr Neal ElAttrache Wife Tricia ElAttrache Is A Nurse

Tricia ElAttrache is the wife of the star orthopedic surgeon and sports medicine specialist Dr. Neal ElAttrache.

Neal ElAttrache wife, Tricia ElAttrache, is a nurse with extensive experience in the field. (Image Source: Boston Herald)

However, Tricia is not just known for her connection with her star surgeon husband; she is an accomplished individual in her own right. She is a nurse.

Well, Tricia is not the only one in her family married to a star. Her family connections extend even further, as her sister is married to the renowned Hollywood star Sylvester Stallone.

Tricia’s role as a nurse showcases her commitment to healthcare and supporting her husband’s medical endeavors.

Being married to the “surgeon to the stars” doesn’t faze Tricia; she brings her professional identity to the relationship.

Her nursing background likely contributes to her understanding of the demands of her husband’s career and the importance of healthcare.

Dr. Neal ElAttrache And Tricia ElAttrache Married Life

The love story between Tricia and Neal ElAttrache began in the operating room at Kerlan-Jobe, where Tricia worked as a nurse.

They were introduced by mutual friends who saw a potential match between them.

In an interview with the Los Angeles Times, Dr. Neal revealed that Tricia initially didn’t agree to go out with him, but he persevered and eventually won her over.

Their love story culminated in marriage, and together, they welcomed three beautiful daughters into their lives.

Tricia and Neal’s commitment to their family is evident in how they prioritize their daughters’ interests.

Neal ElAttrache and his wife, Tricia, are the proud parents of three grown-up daughters, Nicole, Natalie, and Eva. (Image Source: YouTube)

Neal, known for his passion for sports, particularly enjoys watching his daughters participate in various athletic endeavors.

He watches ESPN and occasionally follows T.V. series such as “Game of Thrones.” Their daughters, Nicole, Natalie, and Eva, are actively involved in sports.

According to a 2013 report, Nicole was a senior volleyball player at Harvard-Westlake and planned to attend Duke University the following year.

Natalie, their second daughter, was a sophomore at Harvard-Westlake and shared her sister’s love for volleyball.

The youngest, Eva, was still in grade school then, suggesting that the ElAttrache household was full of youthful energy and athletic enthusiasm.

To conclude, Neal ElAttrache wife, Tricia ElAttrache, has a nursing background. The smitten couple leads a happy family and has been married for decades.

The married duo’s love story reflects the strength of their bond. Their dedication to their daughters’ sports endeavors showcases the importance of family in their lives.

While Dr. Neal ElAttrache may be celebrated for his contributions to sports medicine, he leads a supportive and loving family with his wife, Tricia ElAttrache.

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