Roby Yadegar Wife: Engaged To Tanya Rad And Relationship

Tanya Rad TZSDCm

Roby Yadegar wife-to-be, Tanya Rad, was utterly surprised and moved by his heartfelt and meticulously planned proposal.

Roby Yadegar is not just an ordinary attorney. He’s a former BigLaw attorney turned Managing Partner of Yadegar Law PC.

His professional journey has been impressive, but his journey in love has captured the hearts of many. Beyond his professional success, Roby is a single father.

Dating as a single parent can be challenging, but Roby has navigated it gracefully and found his way into Tanya Rad’s heart.

In this article, we delve into the enchanting love story of Roby Yadegar and Tanya Rad, exploring the intricacies of their relationship.

Roby Yadegar Wife To Be: Who Is He Going To Marry?

Roby Yadegar’s soon-to-be-wife is none other than the beloved radio personality and co-host of “On Air with Ryan Seacrest,” Tanya Rad.

Roby acknowledges the deep love and connection they share, emphasizing his commitment to empowering Tanya. (Source:

Tanya Rad is known for her infectious charisma and engaging presence on the airwaves. She has not only captured the hearts of her listeners but also the hearts of Roby Yadegar.

Their love story is a delightful blend of luck and genuine connection. It proves that love knows no boundaries, not even between a successful attorney and a renowned radio host.

As Tanya Rad steps into the role of Roby’s fiancée, the world eagerly awaits the next chapter of their enchanting love story.

In a world where love stories often make headlines for their brevity, Roby and Tanya’s enduring love shines as a beacon of hope and inspiration.

Roby Yadegar Is Engaged To Tanya Rad

Roby Yadegar is engaged to Tanya Rad, and their love story is a heartwarming example of how fate can bring two people together.

This Instagram post by Roby Yadegar is a heartfelt and touching tribute to his fiancée, Tanya Rad, announcing their engagement. (Source: Instagram)

Their engagement, which took place in a memorable and heartwarming manner, sent joy through their lives and those of their fans.

Tanya Rad, co-host of “On Air with Ryan Seacrest” on KIIS-FM in Los Angeles, is a beloved figure in the entertainment industry.

Her charismatic presence on the airwaves has won her a dedicated following. Her personal life has become the subject of intrigue and admiration.

Roby Yadegar, known affectionately as “Red Star,” stepped into the spotlight of Tanya’s life, and their love blossomed in a way that few could have anticipated.

Their journey to engagement is a testament to the power of fate and the beauty of love.

Roby Yadegar Relationship Timeline Explored

The relationship timeline of Roby Yadegar and Tanya Rad is a captivating journey.

It began with a simple swipe on a dating app but quickly transformed into a profound love story. Their first encounter with Hinge set the stage for a remarkable connection, defying the conventional dating norms.

As they embarked on their first date at the Black Market Liquor Bar, little did they know that their lives would change forever.

The hours became cherished moments, igniting a spark leading to a heartfelt engagement. Roby and Tanya’s love story is a testament to the power of destiny and the magic of genuine connection.

Their journey has captured the hearts of many. As they step into this new chapter as an engaged couple, their relationship timeline continues to inspire all who believe in love.

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