Taleese Chandler: 20-Year-Old woman killed, multiple injured in Mississippi nightclub shooting

Taleese Chandler
Taleese Chandler

A shooting at Club Oasis in West Point, Mississippi, early Sunday morning resulted in the death of a 20-year-old woman, Taleese Chandler from Columbus, Mississippi, and injuries to at least a dozen others.

Authorities believe the attack was planned in advance.

Security personnel at the club reported seeing the suspect open fire and then flee into the nearby woods.

They pursued the suspect but lost sight of them.

A gun was recovered at the scene. Determining the exact number of injured is challenging, as some victims may have sustained minor injuries.

Several hundred people were said to be at Club Oasis when the shooting took place.

All of the remaining victims are expected to live, according to Clay County Sheriff Eddie Scott.

Scott believes there may have been more than one gunman involved in the attack, which he believed was ‘pre-planned.’

‘What we do know is that a party was advertised, and all these individuals came from other counties into our county,’ Scott told CNN. ‘About 90% of the partygoers were from other counties.’

‘Last night was so hectic trying to get actual good, solid information,’ Scott said. ‘It was very difficult with the number of victims and the chaos we had going on.’

The county is set to hold a meeting on Monday to discuss the future of establishments such as Club Oasis.

Scott himself believes that residents should avoid late-night events such as these.

‘I think you’re taking a chance on your life right now if you go to these large events,’ Scott told WTVA.

‘We’re seeing too many cases of gun violence going on and this seems to be a trend.’

The investigation is ongoing.

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