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Reggie Chaney parents & siblings: Who are Reggie Lee, Chandra Chaney?

Reggie Chaney
Reggie Chaney

College basketball was mourning the loss of former University of Houston forward Reggie Chaney on Monday night.

Chaney passed away at the age of 23 – but are Reggie Chaney parents?

Who are Reggie Chaney parents?

Reggie Chaney was born on Sept. 6, 1999, in Tulsa to his parents Reggie Lee and Chandra Chaney.

He grew up with two sisters; Aubrey Lee and Damia Chaney, and a brother; Carter Lee.

At an early age, Reggie Lee, Chaney’s father, knew his son had a chance to be special with a basketball in his hands.

As a second-grader, Chaney played up a level on a third-grade elite team, showcasing his potential throughout challenging practices and games.

Even then, Lee marveled at Chaney’s footwork and how quickly he picked up on the ins and outs of the game.

Reggie Chaney’s father, Reggie Lee

Reggie Lee played basketball at Muskogee High School in Oklahoma and later had a brief stint at Redlands Community College in El Reno, Okla.

He had solid footwork of his own during his playing days to go with a consistent but seldom-used jump shot and good speed.

He preferred defense and used his strength and aggressive nature to his advantage.

Growing up, Lee didn’t have a father figure around, and although his game allowed him the opportunity to play junior college basketball, he often wished he’d had someone by his side and in his ear to continue to push him toward his goals. It always resonated with him as he watched Chaney grow through the years.

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When he got his chance, he more than made the effort to be around.

“I think that’s real important because I know a lot of kids Reggie played with over the years that didn’t have a father around and I could just see that they were going the other way. It just makes a big difference,” said Lee, who works for a restaurant supplier in Garland, Texas. “I just knew getting him started that if basketball is what he wanted to do, I told him I was going to push him, so I kept pushing. I did a lot of off-the-field, off-the-court stuff with him, just showing him, ‘Hey, I’m there for you.’

“I tried to teach him a lot of stuff about respect for coaches and how to deal with certain situations. I just had to make sure I was always there, and still am to this day.”

Lee certainly had his hand in a lot of Chaney’s early development, but he also recognized his son’s independent desire to be great.

As a kid, Chaney watched his father’s men’s league pickup games and took mental notes.

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Reggie Chaney

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