Five Reasons Why Africans Don’t Reveal Their Travel Plans To Some Families And Friends Before Going Abroad


Travelling is one of the most exciting and exhilarating treats a person can give himself or be given. It exposes a person to other cultures, ideologies, people of different backgrounds, new experiences, etc.

Regardless of how exciting the idea of travelling and actually travelling is, it’s most common in the African society to see that most people who get the opportunity to travel abroad rarely share the exciting news with most extended family members and friends, before embarking on the journey.

It usually is the case that such information is almost always disclosed after they have reached their chosen destinations or in some cases, until they’re back from the trip.

Why is this so? Some reasons have been explained subsequently, to answer this bugging question:

SUPERSTITIOUS/ AFRICAN TRADITIONAL BELIEFS: Superstitions are a belief in supernatural (force beyond scientific understanding) influences, especially as leading to good or bad luck. For the purpose of this article, superstition in relation to “bad luck” is the topic of discussion.

Most Africans are superstitious and believe that anyone who doesn’t have their best interest at heart can get access to and employ some African Traditional way of hindering their progress; in this case, their travel.

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TRAVELLING GIVES PEOPLE THE IMPRESSION THAT THE PERSON/PEOPLE GOING ABROAD ARE WELL OFF OR RICH: Travelling, realistically speaking, is a luxury most people can’t readily afford.  It can be affordable or budget friendly for the middle class and above, but it’s certainly not cheap.

So most often than not, when plans of travelling are disclosed, there’s a presumption that a person is well off (if not rich). This enables family and friends to start expecting financial help because the assumption is that if you can travel, then you must have some available cash you have no use for.

5 Reason's Why Africans Don't Inform Their People Before Travelling Abroa

MOST PEOPLE REQUEST GIFTS FROM FAMILY/ FRIENDS WHEN THEY TRAVEL: As stated earlier, travelling could be affordable/ budget friendly, but certainly not cheap unless you’re probably a billionaire and have no budget to live within.

Other than that, you make a budget and do your best to live within it. Most family/friends don’t take that into consideration and request for gifts, such expenses might be out of the person’s budget and would likely be an inconvenience. In order to save him that inconvenience, he’s likely to conceal travel info from people.

NEGATIVITY/ NEGATIVE REMARKS: Negativity in general or negative remarks is nothing new in any society. It’s a common trait among humans. It’s therefore no news that it exists in the African society as well.

Some people conceal travel information from friends and family members for fear of a negative minded person wishing them all the negativity they can, thus, tempering with their travel plans. It’s understandable why people are mindful of such negativity because, whatever thought is put out into the universe comes into fruition.

ENVY FROM SOME FAMILY MEMBERS AND FRIENDS: Envy is a feeling of discontented or resentful longing aroused by someone else’s possessions, qualities and luck.

Also, it’s a desire to have a quality, possession or desirable things belonging to someone else. I doubt there’s anyone who would want to disclose exciting news like travelling abroad to a person who would envy you rather than be happy for you. To disclose info to people who possess this trait is to shoot oneself in the foot.


Written by Eugene Nyavor

Eugene Nyavor is the Founding Editor at Gh Links.

Reach me via Email: [email protected]


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