Who is Meninder Dhaliwal? Member of the Brothers Keepers gang who was killed in a daylight shooting in Whistler, B.C

Meninder Dhaliwal
Meninder Dhaliwal

Two people have died and two have been arrested after a brazen daylight shooting outside of a Whistler, B.C., hotel, according to police.

In a news release Sunday evening, the Whistler RCMP provided an update on the fatal shooting.

“One person died at the scene, and the second succumbed to injuries while at the Whistler Medical Clinic,” the statement says.

“The incident happened in the village area out in the open. The police have not yet determined if this incident and a recently located burned car are related, or if they are related to ongoing gang conflict.”

Who is Meninder Dhaliwal?

Meninder Dhaliwal
Meninder Dhaliwal

The Vancouver Sun has identified the fatalities as Meninder Dhaliwal, a member of the Lower Mainland-based Brothers Keepers gang, and his friend Sat Gill, who according to the Sun’s reporting was not involved in the gang.

Graphic videos and photos show two men, one of whom appears to be Dhaliwal, lying face down on the steps of the Sundial Hotel in a pool of blood.

The images began circulating shortly after reports of the shooting Sunday afternoon.

The Brothers Keepers Gang

The Brothers Keepers have been locked in a violent conflict with the United Nations gang and some Red Scorpions over the last several years.

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Murders of members and associates of one group are often followed within days or weeks by a retaliatory hit.

Meninder was with his brothers Harb and Barinder when Harb was killed outside a posh Coal Harbour restaurant in Vancouver in April 2021. Meninder chased the hitman for two blocks and then stabbed him in the eye, but was never charged in the assault.

The accused hitman, Francois Gauthier, pleaded guilty to second-degree murder last month and was sentenced to life in prison with no possibility of parole for 20 years.

A month later, Barinder — the eldest — and Meninder were among six gangsters featured on a warning poster by Vancouver Police. Both have been shot at several times over the years.

Meninder was also suspected of possessing a firearm near the Surrey clubhouse of the Hardside Hells Angels chapter in November 2020. But he was never charged.

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