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Love Is Blind’s Amber Desiree: Her age, job and Instagram revealed

Love Is Blind's Amber Desiree
Love Is Blind's Amber Desiree

Amber Desiree is ready to find love on Netflix’s hottest reality show, Love Is Blind.

This stunning 33-year-old black beauty is one of the main cast members of season 6, which premieres on Valentine’s Day.

But is Amber looking for forever love, or just a little Netflix fame? We’ll have to wait and see!

In the meantime, let’s get to know Amber a little better.

How old is Amber Desiree?

Amber Desiree was born on 6th November, 1991. That makes her 33 years of age as at the
time of writing this article.

What is Love Is Blind’s Amber Desiree’s job?

Amber Desiree is an American Real Estate Broker/ REALTOR.

Amber’s Instagram bio says she’s a mental health advisor besides being a realtor.

Amber Desiree on Instagram

Amber can be found on Instagram at @amberdesiree.

Her posts often show the properties she’s dealing with and clips of her training at the gym.

Currently sitting at just above 8,200 followers, that number is expected to rise as Love Is Blind season 6 premieres.

In the pods, she wants a guy who can handle her tendency to be pushy at times and the one who is kind and empathetic.

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