Kyle & Mandy Shanahan Children: Meet their 3 Kids, Stella, Carter, and Lexi Shanahan

Kyle Shanahan Children
Kyle Shanahan Children

Kyle Shanahan is a successful football coach, but he’s also a devoted father to his three children, Stella, Carter, and Lexi.

Shanahan and his wife, Mandy Shanahan, have been married since 2005, and they’ve raised their family together in the San Francisco Bay Area.

If you are curious about who the children of Mandy and Kyle Shanahan are, take a read.

Stella Shanahan 

Stella Shanahan is the oldest of Kyle and Mandy’s three children.

She was born in 2007, and she’s a big fan of her dad’s football team, the San Francisco 49ers.

Due to her father’s position as an NFL coach, Stella is well-versed in American football.

Carter Shanahan 

Carter Shanahan is Kyle and Mandy’s middle child.

He was born in 2008, and he’s named after Kyle’s favorite rapper, Lil Wayne.

His father, Kyle Shanahan is a big fan of the rapper and fully listens to his songs despite having attention-deficit disorder Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

Lexi Shanahan 

Lexi Shanahan is Kyle and Mandy’s youngest child.

She was born in 2012, and she’s a daddy’s girl.

Lexi loves spending time with her dad, and she often follows him around the 49ers training facility.

She’s also a big fan of the 49ers, and she loves cheering them on at games.

Kyle and his wife Mandy have been married since July 5, 2005

Mandy was born on January 17, 1980 and grew up in Colorado. She and Kyle met and first dated when they were in high school, but briefly broke up when she went Colorado University for college and he went to The University of Texas at Austin.

The two re-connected after Mandy‘s mother fell ill, who sadly passed away in 2002.

Kyle constantly visited Mandy and the pair later married in 2005.

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