Man Released After He Was Jailed For 43 Years For A Crime He Did Not Commit

Kevin Strickland
Kevin Strickland

A man who was jailed for 43 years for a crime he did not commit has been set free.

The man identified as Kevin Strickland, 62, who is from Missouri in the United States was convicted for triple murders in 1978 and was found guilty.

Strickland had stated that he was not responsible for the murders of Sherrie Black, 22, Larry Ingram, 22, and John Walker, 20. However, he was still sentenced to prison.

He was later released from Western Missouri Correctional Center in Cameron, Missouri on Tuesday, Nov. 23 after spending 43 years in jail.

Strickland case is assumed to be the longest case of wrongful conviction in America history.

Kansas City Newspaper revealed that the exonerated convict stated that they were aware that he was not guilty of the crime from the very beginning.

There was no circumstantial evidence to tie Strickland to the murders and he was simply convicted on the testimony of one Cynthia Douglas who was a witness in the murder case.

Douglas tried to recant her statement later saying that she was pressurised by the police to give false testimony but died before she could achieve this.

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