Hillary super husband: Is Savage X Fenty new CEO married?

Hillary Super
Hillary Super

According to a report, Rihanna will be stepping down from her role as Chief Executive Officer of Savage X Fenty.

Taking over as CEO of the lingerie company Rihanna founded in 2018 will be former Anthropologie Group CEO Hillary Super.

Effective June 26, Super will be taking over CEO duties, while Rihanna, who will remain as CEO of Fenty Beauty, will serve as an Executive Chair in a leadership position.

With Hillary Super’s appointment, curiosity has ignited, and fans, as well as the general public, are eager to delve into her personal life, particularly to ascertain whether she is married and discover the identity of her spouse.

Let us embark on a journey to uncover the truth.

Hillary Super husband: Is Savage X Fenty new CEO married?

As of now, we cannot definitively confirm whether Hillary Super is married or not.

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Delving into her personal life, we find ourselves navigating through a realm of uncertainty.

Nevertheless, a glimpse into her social media presence offers intriguing clues that pique our curiosity.

Is Hillary Super a lesbian? Exploring social media clues

Hillary Super lesbian

A perusal of Hillary Super’s Instagram account reveals numerous close pictures and heartwarming messages shared with a woman named Michele Sizemore.

These posts have fueled speculation and prompted assumptions that she is a lesbian.

She is not shying away from making public issues about this aspect of her private life.

According to her Instagram account, Hillary lives at least part time in the exclusive desert enclave of Palm Springs, Cailfornia.

For the uninitiated, many of the Kardashians regularly vacation there. Hillary tags herself in Palm Springs often, and appears to be part of a group called the CookbookClub of Palm Springs.

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