Who is Crescenzo Marino? Profile and pictures of the son of a Camorra boss who flaunts a glamorous lifestyle on social media

Crescenzo Marino
Crescenzo Marino

There is a new generation of Italian mobster flaunting their flashy lifestyles on TikTok, where they are infuriating mafia bosses by flaunting their flashy lifestyles.

According to, some young mafias in Naples including Crescenzo Marino have taken to social media to post videos showing them driving expensive cars, partying at popular clubs, and swigging champagne bottles at popular clubs.

Who is Crescenzo Marino?

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Crescenzo Marino, who has over 43,000 followers on social media, is the son of a Camorra boss.

On Marino’s TikTok account, you can see clips where he wears elaborate designer clothing and watches, rides around Paris in a Ferrari, plays with pitbulls, and meets many well-known rappers while wearing elaborate designer clothing and watches.

Photos of Crescenzo Marino

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About Camorra

The Camorra is an Italian Mafia-type criminal organization and criminal society originating in the region of Campania.

Like Cosa Nostra and the ‘Ndrangheta, it is a criminal organisation, or secret society that finances itself through drug trafficking and distribution, cigarette smuggling, people smuggling, kidnapping, blackmail, bribery, prostitution, toxic waste disposal, construction, counterfeiting, loan sharking, money laundering, illegal gambling, robbery, arms smuggling, extortion, protection, political corruption, and racketeering.

Its activities have led to high levels of murder in the areas in which it operates. It is the oldest and largest criminal organisation in Italy.

It is older than the other organisations, possibly having been founded as early as the 16th century.

The name originated as a blend between the word ‘Capo’ meaning boss, and ‘Morra’ which was a gambling game played on the streets of Naples.


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