Who is Groovy BBNaija? Biography, real name, age, career and other facts

Groovy BBNaija
Groovy BBNaija

If you’re a Big Brother Naija fan, then you’re probably very excited that the show’s 7th season has finally kicked off.

As with every other season, it’s already clear that it’s going to be a fun, exciting, and competitive game.

Needless to say, not everybody is going to be able to handle that.

However, one of this season’s house guests, Groovy BBNaija , isn’t afraid to do anything he needs to do to make it to the end and go home with 100 million Naira in his bank account.

Even though the season just started, Groovy BBNaija is already becoming popular among viewers and there are lots of people rooting for him.

Who is Groovy BBNaija?

Groovy, real name Henry Olisamekarakway, is an artist, model, and businessman who goes into the house hoping to walk away with the ultimate prize.

Groovy is from Anambra State in the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

He has a B.Sc. in Biochemistry from the University of Lagos and loves working out and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

He describes himself as “a positive, self-sufficient, supportive person” and believes his winning mentality never fails to push him and those around him to greater heights.

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Currently, Groovy has over 15,000 followers on Instagram under his handle, @groovymono.

Profile on Bbnaija 2022

Groovy reckons his argumentative nature could rub his fellow Housemates up the wrong way. “I don’t back down if I feel I’m right about something, unless the facts state I’m wrong. I’m also very principled, so I hardly bend my will to please others, unless it’s the right thing to do.

He has been running a clothing and accessories business for the past four years, and also dabbles in music, and feels Big Brother Naija will help him make a name for himself.

“I want to be famous, wealthy, influential and powerful. I want to be a voice for change in my country and in the world and this show is the platform to showcase who I am, and who I can be to the world.

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