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Who Is Barry Andrews Wife Lana And Kids? Daughter Nataile And Son Blake Andrews

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Barry Andrews wife, Lana Andrews, alongside her husband, played a pivotal role in the remarkable success of Andrews Distributing.

Barry Andrews was one of the co-founders of Andrews Distributing, a prominent beer distribution company.

Andrews was a successful entrepreneur and philanthropist, actively supporting charitable causes and community events, particularly cancer research, through their involvement with the American Cancer Society and the Cattle Baron’s Ball. 

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Meet Barry Andrews Wife, Lana

Lana Andrews, the wife of Barry Andrews, played an integral role in their shared journey of entrepreneurial success and community engagement.

Born and raised in Corpus Christi, Texas, Lana’s life intertwined with Barry’s from an early age.

They were high school sweethearts and went on to graduate together from Southwest Texas State University in San Marcos.

Their shared dreams and aspirations laid the foundation for a partnership to significantly impact the beer distribution industry and their community.

Lana and Barry’s story took a significant turn when they fulfilled their dream of owning a hometown beer distributorship.

Lana and Barry Andrews were high school sweethearts who achieved remarkable success. (Image Source: My Sweet Charity)

In February 1976, at the age of 28, they took a bold step and purchased the Miller beer distributorship in Corpus Christi.

This marked the beginning of their entrepreneurial journey.

They started with one supplier, two beer brands, seven employees, and a 12,000-square-foot warehouse.

Their dedication and hard work paid off, as the company sold 350,000 cases of beer in its first year of operation.

Beyond their business success, Lana and Barry believed in giving back to their community.

They supported the Cattle Baron’s Ball and the American Cancer Society in Corpus Christi and North Texas for 24 years.

Together, Lana and Barry Andrews exemplified the spirit of entrepreneurship, dedication to excellence, and a deep commitment to positively impacting their community.

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Kids of Barry Andrews And Lana: Daughter Natalie And Son Blake Andrews

Barry Andrews and Lana Andrews, the dynamic couple behind the success of Andrews Distributing, are proud parents to two accomplished children, daughter Natalie Andrews and son Blake Andrews.

Their family journey, marked by dedication, shared values, and business acumen, has been a source of inspiration both within their family and beyond.

Natalie Andrews, the daughter of Barry and Lana, has been an integral part of the family’s business legacy.

She followed in her parents’ footsteps, becoming deeply involved in the family business.

Natalie’s dedication and commitment to Andrews Distributing have been evident throughout her career.

Natalie’s commitment to Andrews Distributing reflects her deep family involvement. (Image Source: My Sweet Charity)

She is a testament to her family’s values and a role model for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Natalie’s professional journey within the company has contributed significantly to its growth and success.

Her involvement has exemplified the essence of family-run businesses, where passion and purpose drive the enterprise forward.

She has worked alongside her mentor and father, Barry Andrews, learning the beer distribution industry’s intricacies while infusing her own insights and innovations.

On the other hand, Blake Andrews, the son of Barry and Lana, has also played a pivotal role within the family business.

Like his sister Natalie, Blake has been groomed under the guidance of his father and has contributed to the company’s achievements.

His dedication to the business and his commitment to maintaining the family legacy have been evident throughout his career.

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