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Twene Jonas
Twene Jonas

Who Is Twene Jonas

Twene Jonas is a U.S-based Ghanaian social commentator who is well known for trolling Ghana, its people, and its leaders and has an opinion on almost every single thing which he calls ‘his truth!’.

As the CEO of Royal Jonas Films label, Twene Jonas goes by jargons like “The System Is Working 24/7”, “Glass Nkoaa”, “Didi Free” or “Eat freely” and so forth.

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In the eyes of Mr. Jonas, Ghanaian leaders are just lazy, dumb, & selfish, hence the country’s inability to develop at a reasonable pace despite having all the needed resources.

To Jonas, Ghana, when compared to the United States of America is nothing but a farm, whiles U.S.A is the true heaven God probably talked about in the bible.

Even though some people do not agree with his approach and lambasting the leaders of Ghana to make his point, others feel that he is overwhelmed by the numerous developments of America and feels like demanding more for Ghanaians.

To him, Ghana shouldn’t be about NPP or NDC but developments for the betterment of the entire country.


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He is believed to be between the ages of 28 to 30 years old.

Date Of Birth

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Per our findings, Mr. Jonas manages a movie production firm known as Royal Jonas Films.

We will be adding a more in-depth biography and lifestyle section for Twene Jonas soon.

This will include more information about his education, net worth, family, relations, and more.

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