Tailei Qi Photo: What we know about UNC Chapel Hill suspect

Tailei Qi UNC Chapel Hill suspect
Tailei Qi UNC Chapel Hill suspect

Tailei Qi has been identified as a person of interest in the “armed and dangerous person situation” on/near UNC Chapel Hill campus.

Cops put out the image of an Asian man wearing a grey t-shirt with short black cropped hair on Monday afternoon.

According to the UNC website, the suspect image matches an ID photo for a student named Tailei Qi.

The alert, which went out at about 1 p.m. urged everyone on the school’s campus to stay inside and avoid windows.

A massive presence of law enforcement and EMS vehicles are lining the road outside of the Genome Sciences Building and South Road is largely blocked off.

At least four agencies are responding on the scene as of 2:15 p.m.

What we know about Tailei Qi

Tailei Qi UNC Chapel Hill suspect
Tailei Qi UNC Chapel Hill suspect

According to Tailei Qi LinkedIn profile, he is a graduate student at the department of applied physical sciences, UNC at Chapel Hill.

The profile also indicates that, he works on the optically trapped nanoparticle arrays and all kinds of their related fascinating phenomena.

He has experience in 2D TMD photodetectors, optical tweezers (continuous wavelength laser and femtosecond laser, micro spectroscopy (Raman, fluorescence, SHG, SEM, TEM, XDS, XPS,XRD) and 2G HTS superconductors.

He likes running and hiking .

He was ever an 800m champion and sixth place of 1500m years ago. He plays badminton, tennis and table tennis.

He also claims to have previously attended Louana State University, where he obtained a master’s in material science in 2021.

The applied physical sciences student posted on social media last month asking for help making friends.

He said: ‘Would like to make some new friends. I am a second-year PhD student, interested in nanoparticle synthesis, optical trapping, self-assembly, spectra analysis, and ML.

‘A bit stupid in daily trifles, very enthusiastic talking about research.’

Footage of the scene showed staff and students draped in their chemistry coats being led out of the building as dozens of cops swarmed the campus.

A man was reportedly arrested, handcuffed and questioned, before being let go when cops realized he posed no threat. It unclear if he is the same man that officers are now searching for.

UNC confirmed the campus ‘remains on lockdown as the active assailant situation continues.’

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