Sven Botman’s Girlfriend, Chana Kesselaar: Age, profession & other facts

Sven Botman's Girlfriend, Chana Kesselaar
Sven Botman's Girlfriend, Chana Kesselaar

Sven Botman is a very prolific Dutch player.

He has played international football for the Netherlands U21 national team and made quite a remarkable impression in the senior national team as well.

A defender, he is regarded as one of the instrumental young players of his generation.

Sven Botman started his professional football in 2018 for Ajax in Netherlands, before moving to Lille in 2020.

In 2020, he signed a 5 year deal with EPL side Newcastle United for 35 million Euros.

Even though we would love to talk more about Sven Botman, this article seeks to know who his girlfriend, Chana Kesselaar is.

If you have the same question bugging your mind, take a read.

Who is Chana Kesselaar?

Sven Botman's Girlfriend, Chana Kesselaar
Sven Botman’s Girlfriend, Chana Kesselaar

Chana Kesselaar is a Dutch born fashion designer.

She was born on 12th May, 1998 in Netherlands. That makes her 25 years of age as at the time of writing this article.

She is 2 years older than her boyfriend Sven who was born on 12th January, 2000.

Chana is known to be a very private person and as such, there is no information out there about her parents and whether she has any siblings.

She grew up in Netherlands and attended local schools there. 

She continued to study fashion and styling design at the Vogue Academy.

What is Chana Kesslaar’s profession?

As mentioned earlier, Channa Kesselaar studied fashion and styling design at Vogue Academy. Currently, she is a fashion stylist and a creative artist.

She likes to create her styles personally and also make illustrations and arts. 

She owns her own collection named ANACH.

Does Chana Kesselaar have children?

Chana Kesselaar does not have any children.

Currently, she is focused on her career as a fashion stylist, just like her boyfriend Sven.

Does Chana Kesselaar have any hobbies?

As mentioned earlier, Chana is a very private person.

But taking her instagram page where she frequently updates into consideration, she enjoys travelling.

Times without number, she has updated her page with pictures of her around the world. 

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