Shaeed Woodard is one of the Americans kidnapped at gunpoint in Mexico

Shaeed Woodard
Shaeed Woodard

Shaeed Woodard has been identified by the authorities as one of the four Americans who were kidnapped at gunpoint in Matamoros.

According to his Facebook profile, he lives in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina and got engaged in 2017.

Again, Shaeed Woodard’s Facebook profile indicates that he works at Monterey Bay Suites,  an oceanfront Myrtle Beach resort located at 6804 N Ocean Blvd.

Shaeed Woodard is the cousin of Latavia McGee, one of the abducted victims.

Who are the other victims?

The other 3 Americans have been identified as Latavia “Tay” McGee, Zindell Brown and Eric James Williams.

What happened?

Latavia McGee headed to Mexico on Wednesday for the tummy tuck, according to her friends and family, who confirmed she was joined with her cousin Shaeed Woodard, and friends Zindell Brown and Eric James Williams.

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The friends wanted to split the driving responsibilities as they travelled from their homes in South Carolina to Mexico for Latavia’s surgery.

The four were traveling Friday in a white minivan with North Carolina licence plates when they came under fire shortly after entering the city of Matamoros from Brownsville, at the southernmost tip of Texas near the Gulf coast, the FBI said in a statement Sunday.

Not long after entering Matamoros – an area dominated by the Gulf drug cartel – they came under fire from a group of armed men and were bundled into the back of a pickup truck.

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