Are Rae Rogers and Shaun Okojie from Blue Therapy couple’s in real life?

Rae Rogers and Shaun Okojie from Blue Therapy
Rae Rogers and Shaun Okojie from Blue Therapy

In 2021, the Blue Therapy show got viewers hooked with couples Paul and Chioma, and Jamal and Deborah sitting down with a therapist and airing out their relationship issues.

Attracting millions of views per episode in season one, the show is back again with fresh cast of couples in need of help and a shiny new title – In Love & Toxic: Blue Therapy.

A very frequently asked question has been whether Rae Rogers and Shaun Okojie and other cast from Blue Therapy couple’s in real life.

We got curious and dug deep into the matter to find out and here’s what we learned.

Are Rae Rogers and Shaun Okojie from Blue Therapy couple’s in real life?

No, Rae Rogers and Shaun Okojie are not couples in real life.

Some of the show’s viewers have pointed out that none of the couples have photos of each other or images capturing couple moments on their social media pages, suggesting that the relationships may have been faked.

Also, Rae Rogers instagram account suggest that she is a co-host on a pod cast show named Laidbare podcast, however, her profile for the show mentions that she is a mental health nurse from South London.


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In 2021, creator and director of the show, Andy Amadi, came forth to provide some clarification on the matter.

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In an interview with Metro, Amadi said, “What I will say is this: the cast are real. They’re not actors; none of them are actors. It’s a reality show, and I feel everyone should enjoy it as a reality show. Whether it’s real or fake… that’s down to the viewers’ interpretation. None of the cast are [actors] apart from Denise, who has acting experience.”

Rae and Shaun profile on the show

Rae and Shaun are a couple many youngsters will be able to relate to as they met on dating app Hinge and have been in a relationship for 10 months.

A mental health nurse from South London, Rae feels Shaun needs to prove he can be the man that he always says he is, as his lack of effort and consistency has left her questioning their future.

However, Shaun – a professional model – feels the biggest conflict between them is trust.

He fell head over heels for Rae when they first met but has grown tired of the tension and feels therapy is the only way they can make it.

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