Paxton Whitehead wives: Meet Katherine Jane Robertson, Patricia Gage

Paxton Whitehead
Paxton Whitehead

Friends star Paxton Whitehead has died at the age of 85.

The actor, who was a Broadway stalwart and regular guest star in an array of Nineties sitcoms died on Friday at a hospital in Arlington, Virginia.

The heartbreaking news was confirmed by Paxton’s son, Charles Whitehead, who shared the news with The Hollywood Reporter.

As the world mourns the loss of this talented actor, many want to know more about his personal life.

Paxton Whitehead was married twice – he married Katherine Jane Robertson (m. 1987- 2023) and Patricia Gage (m. 1971–1986).

Here is what we know about them

Katherine Jane Robertson & Paxton Whitehead

Katherine Jane Robertson was the wife of Francis Edward Paxton Whitehead.

According to, she married him in 1987 until his death at age 85 on June 16, 2023.

At the time of publication, information on her life and family background is unknown. Therefore when and where she was born is unavailable.

Her husband, Paxton, however, was born to Louise (née Hunt) and Charles Parkin Whitehead on October 17, 1973, in East Malling and Larkfield, Kent, England.

Katherine and Paxton also had two children, Charles Whitehead, and Sarah Whitehead.

Patricia Gage and Paxton Whitehead


Patricia Gage was a Scottish actress.

Gage has had roles in televised productions since the mid 1960s.

In 1977 she played the role of Dr. Roxanne Keloid in David Cronenberg’s horror film Rabid.

During the 1980s she mostly worked in American and Canadian TV productions.

he was married to Paxton Whitehead from 1971 to 1986. She had one daughter.

She died from the cancer in the hospital.

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