Octaviada Bratt: Young expecting mother details being attacked by baby daddy’s side child, brother and friend

Octaviada Bratt
Octaviada Bratt

A young expecting mother Octaviada Bratt, has revealed that she went over to her baby’s father’s house after being alerted that he had another woman in his bed when she arrived, she said she was “allegedly” attacked by the woman.

In return she used her pepper spray, Octaviada claims the young woman, her best friend, and the baby’s father’s brother allegedly all attacked her resulting in her pregnant belly being slashed, but says she is the one who ended up being arrested.

Octavia is attempting to seek justice as some of her alleged attackers have not been arrested.

Read her post on Facebook below


On Saturday July 29th at approximately 5pm I went to my baby father (Tivanta Murray) apartment to have a conversation with because I saw some girl posted up in his bed and I was just there on Monday July 24th, so I was bit confused to what was going on .

When I arrived at the apartment the door was open so I went inside and went straight to his bedroom where I saw Kevena Gordon ( the girl that was in his bed) , her best friend Abigail and Jaleel Murray his brother I stepped passed all of them when went straight to Tivanta I tapped him on his leg and asked what the hell is going on he brushed me off, when I was leaving his bedroom Kevena Gordon hit me on my leg so I pepper spray her and Tivanta Murray , Jaleel Murray and Abigail ran out the room and started beating on me Tivanta Murray stood there and watch all three of them attacking me , Abigail hit me in my head with a alcohol bottle while Jaleel Murray and Kevena Gordon hitting me in my face and kicking me in the stomach, at this point I couldn’t see cause my head was down only thing I felt was something burning me I thought it was the pepper spray so I wasn’t too worried , Abigail and Jaleel Murray then said “ that baby have to die today” while Tivanta Murray stood there and watch EVERYTHING .

Jaleel Murray took me outside and started hitting and punching me in the face , Jaleel Murray then proceeded to pick up a rock to hit me in the head with it and Tivanta , Friend heard me saying “Jaleel stop I didn’t do anything to you” he ran towards me and Jaleel and said “Bro stop hitting her you can go to jail” Jaleel then responded and said “I don’t care” the neighbors saw the sliced on my stomach and said “oh my god you have to go to the hospital “ I then looked down on my stomach and saw the sliced I started to cry immediately wondering if my daughter was okay , Tivanta Friend then asked if he could take me to the hospital and I said “NO you are apart of this you planned this with them “ he said “No Octavia I didn’t even know Tivanta had another girl here “ I said okay take me to the hospital because I’m concerned about the baby. When I arrived to the hospital I was immediately rushed into the surgery room where the doctors started taking my clothes off me and checking to see if my daughter is still alive THANK GOD she was and still is . My little princess is a warrior .

I was being monitored for several hours to make sure my daughter is okay . The police came into the room I was and started reading my my rights, I was a bit confused to why they were reading me , my rights if I’m the VICTIM, the officer took my phone and said that I’m in police custody I asked why he said “I’m being arrested for pepper spraying my baby father (TIVANTA MURRAY) I said yes I did pepper sprayed him after I was attacked by Kevena Gordon (the girl that was in his bed) .

I started explaining to the officer what happened and he took pictures of my face and my stomach ( he had no idea that I was hurt ) he began to write a report, on his way out he said “ I’m going straight to the station to issue out some warrants “ I said okay THANK YOU ! Later that night when I was discharged from the hospital I came home and took a shower and laid in my bed thinking that they were all being arrested. I went on social media and saw all four of them at a party I started crying cause I’m like WHATTTTTTTTT ain’t no way they just did all of this and had the nerve to go out partying and not being arrested or anything .

I had a mental breakdown I was crying my eyes out in pain while they were out partying and enjoying life after they almost took me and my child’s life . I stayed up all night thinking about where did I go wrong .

In the morning i watched Abigail’s instagram story and saw a video of Tivanta Murray ( my baby father ), Kevena Gordon ( the girl that was in his bed ) and Abigail ( Jaleel Murray Gf) all in the pool laughing as if nothing is wrong.

Fast forward to Monday morning ( today.. the day I have court) when I went to court they told me that there’s a protective order and Tivanta Murray is the protective person I was like WHATTT and I stared to cry , I ask the judge if I could tell her something and she said yes but don’t tell me anything that can be used against you and I told her what happened and she was shocked and she said there was no police report of that , I immediately started to break down crying she said I should call and follow up on my case after I’m dismissed.

When I got home I called the police station to ask what’s the update on my case that took place on Saturday July 29th he said “I’m sorry ma’ma there so police report of that” I got so mad and hang up the phone and started crying at that moment I knew I was on my own because they all lied and said they didn’t do anything to me so I had to take it to social media because I deserve JUSTICE!!

The world need to know what took place on Saturday July 29th, 2023. How can a man I laid with to have a child allow this to happen to me, happen TO HIS CHILD?

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