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Meet Louise Shockey, Jim Shockey Wife: Wikipedia And Age

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Jim Shockey wife, Louise Shockey, is dealing with lung cancer. If you want to know more about them, read this article till the end.

Jim Shockey is a notable Canadian outdoor writer and television producer who is widely famous for being the host of many shows. He is also the former host of Jim Shockey’s Hunting Adventures.

In the show, Shockey travels to different parts of the world to hunt a wide range of big game animals, often showcasing the beauty and challenges of hunting in remote and exotic locations.

Apart from that, he is also an advocate for ethical and sustainable hunting practices and has been involved in conservation efforts to protect wildlife and their habitats. 

Besides that, Shockey often gets into the spotlight for his personal life, mainly his marriage with his wife, Louise Shockey. So, people want to know more about his wife.

Who Is Jim Shockey Wife Louise Shockey?

Louise Shockey is the wife of Jim Shockey. The pair have remained inseparable for a long time. Besides, they are a prominent couple in the world of outdoor and hunting television. 

Furthermore, the duo have even co-hosted several television shows together, including Jim Shockey’s Hunting Adventure and Jim Shockey’s Uncharted, where they embark on hunting expeditions around the world. 

Jim Shockey and his wife Louise Shockey have been married for many years. ( Source: Instagram )

Likewise, their programs not only showcase the excitement of hunting but also emphasize the cultural and environmental aspects of their travels.

Both Jim and Louise are passionate advocates for wildlife conservation and ethical hunting practices. Meanwhile, Louise can be followed on Instagram as @louiseshockey_, where she has amassed more than 5k followers.

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Louise Shockey Wikipedia and Age Explored

Louise Shockey is the wife of Jim Shockey, and she has appeared along with her husband in some television shows. She is also known for her involvement in their hunting and outdoor adventures.

As of now, her actual age can’t be mentioned as the details regarding her birth remain under review. Meanwhile, her husband Jim was born on December 20, 1957, making his age 65 years as of 2023.

Louise Shockey and her husband Jim Shockey pose for a photo. ( Source: Instagram )

Taking this fact into consideration, it can be speculated that Louise may also be in the same range as her husband. More info regarding her family background also remains a mysterious topic on the internet.

Apart from that, she has been married to Jim since the early 1980s. They also raised two children, Branlin and Eva Shockey.

Louise Shockey Illness: What Happened To Her?

Louise Shockey illness has dragged a huge amount of public attention. It has been reported that she has been diagnosed with lung cancer.

Her husband, Jim, made an announcement on November 29, 2021, by sharing a post on Facebook. At that time, Jim said that his wife was dealing with aggressive lung cancer, which is in the last stage.

Louise Shockey has lung cancer, and the news of her illness was shared in November 2021. ( Source: Instagram )

After that, Shockey and the whole family received many messages and support from their well-wishers. Jim has been with his wife since then, and he has also posted many memories on his social media handles.

Recently, Jim shared a photo with his wife on Instagram, writing, “Waiting for Branlin and Eva to arrive home. Louise’s smile…she just told me she wanted everyone to know to follow your heart.”

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