Ken Rosato: Why ABC7 news anchor was fired?

Ken Rosato
Ken Rosato

AN ABC7 news anchor has reportedly been fired from his position at ABC7 after making a comment that was picked up on his microphone.

According to Page Six, Rosato was immediately let go after the remark was caught on an “open mic,” although it is not clear exactly what he said or when the comment was made.

The incident reportedly took place earlier this month, and Rosato’s colleagues learned of his firing on Friday.

Rosato’s co-anchors were each reportedly brought in to talk about the situation with management individually, but they were not told what exactly got him fired.

Page Six’s inside source did not know what was said either, but speculated that Rosato may have uttered a racial slur – something Rosato’s representative vehemently denied.

What has been the reaction to Ken Rosato’s firing?

Ken Rosato: Why ABC7 news anchor was fired?

The news of Ken Rosato’s firing has generated significant interest in the media industry and among viewers in the Los Angeles, California area.

Many people have expressed surprise and disappointment at the decision, given Rosato’s long tenure at ABC7 and his popularity with viewers.

Some have speculated that the comment he made may have been taken out of context or misunderstood, while others have defended the network’s decision as a necessary step to maintain its standards of professionalism and impartiality.

What is next for Ken Rosato?

As of now, it is not clear what Ken Rosato’s next steps will be following his firing from ABC7.

However, given his extensive experience and reputation as a respected journalist, it is likely that he will be able to find other opportunities in the industry.

Some have speculated that he may be able to pursue a career in radio or podcasting, or may be able to find work with another television network or media outlet.

Whatever his next move may be, it is clear that Ken Rosato will continue to be a highly respected figure in the world of news and journalism

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