Ken Rosato wife: Is Ken Rosato Married?

Ken Rosato wife
Ken Rosato with his his former co-worker Lori Stokes

Ken Rosato is a prominent journalist in the United States, best known for his work as an anchor on WABC-TV’s morning newscasts alongside Shirleen Allicot.

Despite his high profile in the media industry, little is known about his personal life, particularly when it comes to his marital status. will explore the question of whether Ken Rosato is married, examining the rumors that have circulated about his relationship status and shedding some light on what we know (and don’t know) about this popular news anchor’s private life.

The Early Life of Ken Rosato

Before we delve into the question of Ken Rosato’s marital status, let’s take a closer look at his background and early life.

Born in 1967, Rosato grew up in New York City and attended Regis High School before going on to study Film, TV, and Radio at New York University.

After completing his undergraduate studies, he obtained a master’s degree in Spanish and Italian, furthering his education and expanding his linguistic abilities.

The Rumors About Ken Rosato’s Marital Status

For years, Ken Rosato’s personal life has been the subject of much speculation and rumor.

In particular, many have wondered whether he is married, given the high profile of his professional career and the intense interest in his private life.

One of the most persistent rumors about Rosato’s relationship status involves his former co-worker Lori Stokes.


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Some of Rosato’s followers assumed that Stokes was his wife, based on the frequent appearances they made on each other’s social media profiles.

However, in a 2015 Instagram post, Stokes made it clear that she and Rosato were just colleagues, referring to him as her “television husband.”

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This put an end to the rumors about their supposed romantic relationship, but it didn’t necessarily answer the question of whether Rosato is married or not.

Ken Rosato’s Extreme Privacy

One of the reasons that so little is known about Ken Rosato’s personal life is that he is an extremely private person.

Despite his high profile in the media industry, he has largely avoided discussing his personal relationships or sharing details about his private life.

This has led to speculation and rumors, particularly when it comes to his marital status and sexual orientation.

It’s worth noting that rumors about Rosato’s sexuality have been circulating for years, with some people assuming that he is gay due to his lack of public relationships with women.

However, these rumors are just that – rumors – and Rosato has never publicly commented on his sexual orientation.

The Bottom Line: We Don’t Know Whether Ken Rosato Is Married

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So, is Ken Rosato married? The truth is that we simply don’t know. Despite years of rumors and speculation, Rosato has never publicly confirmed or denied whether he is married or in a committed relationship.

While it’s possible that he is married and simply chooses to keep his personal life private, it’s also possible that he is single and simply prefers to focus on his professional career rather than his personal relationships.

While it’s understandable that people might be curious about Ken Rosato’s marital status and personal life, it’s important to remember that he has the right to privacy just like anyone else.

As a respected journalist and anchor, Rosato’s professional accomplishments speak for themselves, and his personal life should be his own business.

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