Joe Ghartey Rejects Bride Price From In-Laws; Accepts Only Bible And Ring For Daughter’s Marriage

Joe Ghartey Bride Price

Joe Ghartey is the dream father-in-law of every young man who intends to marry in a humble way without having to exhaust all his resources in the name of a bride price or a dowry.

The Member of Parliament for Essikado-Ketan, Joe Ghartey, gave his daughter Ewurama Ghartey’s hand in marriage over the weekend, and instead of towing the tangent of other Ghanaian families and inflicting a long list of requirements on the young groom, he took only a ring and a Bible.

In a video that the former Attorney-General and Second Deputy Speaker shared on his official Facebook, he is heard explaining that he took the same items to his wife’s family when he married her, so he decided to continue the tradition.

He added that he didn’t see any sense in mounting undue pressure on the young couple and that the success and longevity of their union mattered to him more than expensive and burdensome dowry.

“Ewurama, God bless you. Your husband’s family brought the ring and Bible. When I went for your mother’s hand in marriage, I also took just a ring and Bible to the family. If you so wish, when you and your husband have children, you can take up this tradition. I might be dead and gone by that time, but it will be proper to do so. I can’t force you both, you are on this journey together,” the politician said.

The groom and his family say they count themselves blessed to have built ties with Mr Ghartey and his family, who have chosen to deviate from the status quo.

“When he came to see our father Joe Ghartey for his daughter’s hand in marriage, we had one of the most interesting conversations. He said that the couple had just begun life and didn’t want to burden them and as part of his wishes, only requested a ring that will symbolize that this woman is married and a Bible that will serve as a guide in time of trouble.

“That was all he requested adding that he was going to reject anything extra apart from the ring and Bible. For the love we have for the woman, we went according to the request, if you see us here today, we have come with the items for her hand in marriage,” the Spokesperson for the groom’s family said in the video.

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