Darius McLean, Celena Morrison: Philadelphia Official and husband detained during traffic stop

Darius McLean, Celena Morrison

A high-ranking Philadelphia official, Celena Morrison, and her husband, Darius McLean, were pulled over by a state trooper and briefly detained.

The incident, captured on video by Morrison, shows her identifying herself as working for the mayor while the trooper detains McLean.

The video shows McLean handcuffed on the roadside, and he is heard saying “It’s because I’m black.” Both Morrison and McLean were later released without charges.

Philadelphia Mayor Cherelle Parker, Morrison’s employer, expressed serious concerns about the video in a public statement.

Pennsylvania State Police said that the trooper initiated a traffic stop on I-76 westbound around 9am for a vehicle with multiple violations.

They said that the state trooper initially pulled over a gray Infinity sedan – thought to be driven by Morrison – for ‘multiple Vehicle Code violations’.

A green Dodge sedan then pulled up behind the trooper’s car, thought to be driven by Morrison’s husband, McLean.

The trooper then approached the Dodge and police said the driver was ‘verbally combative’ and ‘resisted arrest’.

Morrison started recording the incident and can be heard yelling ‘I work for the mayor’ while her husband scrambled on the ground.

As the trooper stood over her husband lying on the side of the road, Morrison said: ‘That is my husband… That’s my husband please.’

The trooper tried to handcuff McLean and a scuffle broke out.

McLean can then be heard saying ‘it’s cause I’m black’ to which the trooper replies ‘it’s not cause you’re black’.

The trooper then approaches Morrison and she drops her phone.

He can be heard yelling at her ‘turn around’ and ‘give me your hands or you’re getting tased’.

Morrison then tells her husband not to worry, before adding: ‘He just punched me’.

She can later be heard saying: ‘What is going on? Why are you so aggressive?’

The trooper then picks up her phone and says: ‘This was a simple traffic stop cause you didn’t have your lights on. You didn’t have your lights on and you’re tailgating.’

Both Morrison and McLean were taken into custody for resisting arrest, obstruction of justice, disorderly conduct and other related charges, but were released on Saturday without being charged.

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