Daria Trepova age: How a Russian woman, 26, carried the statue laden with explosives into a cafe that killed a notorious pro-Russia military blogger

Daria Trepova age
Daria Trepova

A Russian woman named Daria Trepova has been identified as the individual responsible for the death of military blogger Vladlen Tatarsky.

She is currently 26 years old and was arrested on suspicion of carrying out the assassination through the use of a booby-trapped sculpture.

Daria Trepova has admitted to bringing the statue, which was loaded with explosives, into a cafe in St Petersburg where Tatarsky was killed in a bomb attack.

Also, CCTV shows what Russian officials claim is Trepova carrying a box, said to contain the bust, into the cafe before the explosion.

In remarks recorded on video, a witness said that a woman who identified herself as Nastya asked questions and exchanged remarks with Tatarsky at the event.

Nastya and Tatarsky joked and laughed. She then went to the door, grabbed the bust and presented it to Tatarsky.

He reportedly put the bust on a nearby table, and the explosion followed.

However, she claims that she was “set up” and denied being responsible for the murder.

In a video of her interrogation,  Daria Trepova is shown with her hands chained to a radiator, admitting to her involvement in the attack.

She also stated that she would reveal who provided her with the explosive statue at a later time.

It remains unclear why Trepova was not held in custody during her questioning.

Prior to her arrest, Trepova appeared in a video that purportedly showed her carrying the explosive-laden statue into the cafe.

Tatarsky, a staunch supporter of Putin and his invasion of Ukraine, had been speaking at a political event at the cafe when the bomb exploded next to him, killing the propagandist and injuring 32 others in what the Kremlin claimed was a ‘terrorist attack’.

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