Charlotte Sena parents: Who are David and Trisha Sena?

Charlotte Sena parents: Who are David and Trisha Sena?
Charlotte Sena

More than a hundred individuals have rallied in the search effort for a missing nine-year-old girl, Charlotte Sena, who is believed to have been forcibly snatched from Upstate New York’s Moreau Lake State Park.

Authorities express grave concern for Charlotte’s safety, stating that she may be facing an immediate threat of severe harm or even death.

The last known sighting of Charlotte occurred at approximately 6:15pm on Saturday at the park in Saratoga County.

She was clad in an orange tie-dye Pokémon shirt, dark blue pants, black Crocs, and wore a grey bike helmet, as reported by the New York State Police.

According to law enforcement sources, Charlotte stands at a height of 5 feet 1 inch, weighs around 90 pounds, and boasts blonde hair.

Police scoured the area for 18 hours and an Amber Alert was launched shortly after 9.30am local time, noting it was “for a child abduction” that occurred around 6.45pm the night before. It states: “The child was taken under circumstances that lead police to believe that they are in imminent danger of serious harm and/or death.”

Who are Charlotte Sena parents?

The name of Charlotte Sena parent are David and Trisha Sena.

 Charlotte’s father David is a member of Local Union 773 Plumbers, Pipefitters, Steamfitters and Service Technicians out of Queensbury.

Trisha Sena, Charlotte’s mother, said she is “a good kid” who is “trusting.”

“I just want my daughter back,” she said through intense emotion.

Governor Hochul meets with Charlotte Sena parents

Hochul met with Sena’s parents Sunday morning.

“I just met with Charlotte’s parents, David and Trisha, obviously distraught. And as a mother and as a grandmother, I cannot imagine the pain they’re going through. They shared with me how joyful their little girl is”, Hochul indicated.

Charlotte went out for a bike ride around dinner time and did a couple of loops with close friends before deciding to go around one more time by herself. It was still light out at the time, Hochul said.

“That’s where the nightmare literally begins,” Hochul said noting that Charlotte’s parents, David and Trisha Sena starting calling her name after she hadn’t returned several minutes later.

Tricia Sena called 911 at 6:47 p.m. Saturday, Hochul said.

Hochul described the chaotic scene that resulted.

Her parents knew immediately something was up. They called her name. People started searching, people from other campgrounds joined. And 30 minutes later, at 6:47, Charlotte’s mother, Trisha, called 911. The scene was chaotic. People leaving their food, leaving their tables, just everyone in search, calling the name, “Charlotte, Charlotte.” By 7:00 p.m., the state police were on site. And for the last 18 hours—18 plus hours teams from the New York State Police, dogs, aviation, our bloodhounds are here. The sword operators, special response teams are on site. New York State Park Police, forest rangers, underwater rescue teams and drones. We brought in technology experts also to analyze other forms of communications in the park at that time.

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